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B.B. Bumble and the StingersMott the Hoople, beam Charles SingersLonnie Mack and twangin' EddyHere's my ring, we're goin' steadyTake it easy, take it me higherLiar liar, home on fireLocomotion, Poco, passionDeeper Purple, SatisfactionBaby baby, gotta gottaGimme gimme, gettin' hotterSammy's cookin', Lesley GoreAnd Ritchie Valens, and also The StoriesMahavishnu, FujiyamaKama Sutra, rama-lamaRichard Perry, Spector, BarryRogers-Hart, Nilsson HarryShimmy shimmy, ko-ko bopAnd fat is back and Finger Poppin'Life is a rock, but the radio rolling meGotta rotate it up louder, so mine DJ told meLife is a rock, however the radio rolling meAt the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldieFM, AM, hits space clickin'While the clock is tock-a-tickin'Friends and also Romans, salutationsBrenda and also the TabulationsCarly Simon, Noddy HolderRolling Stonin' centerfolderJohnny Cash and also Johnny RiversCan't prevent now, I got the shiversMungo Jerry, Peter PeterPaul and also Paula and Mary MaryDr. Man the Nightly TripperDoris Day and also "Jack the Ripper"Gotta walk sir, gotta swelterLeon Russell, "Gimme Shelter"Miracles in Smokey placesSlide guitars and also Fender bassesMushroom omelet, Bonnie BramlettWilson Pickett, stop and kick it
Life is a rock, but the radioLife is a rock, but the radioWoo!Arthur Janov's primal screamin'Hawkins, Jay and also Dale and RonnieKukla, Fran and also Norman OklaDenver, John and also Osmond, DonnyJ.J. Cale and also Z.Z. TopAnd L.L. Bean and also De De DinahDavid Bowie, Steely DanAnd song me prouder, "C.C. Rider"Edgar Winter, Joanie SommersIdes the March, Johnny ThundersEric Clapton, pedal wah-wahStephen Foster, do-dah do-dah"Good Vibrations", "Help Me Rhonda""Surfer Girl" and "Little Honda""Tighter, Tighter", "Honey, Honey""Sugar, Sugar", "Yummy, Yummy"CBS and Warner BrothersRCA and all the othersLife is a rock, yet the radio rolling meGotta rotate it up louder, so mine DJ told meWhoa, whoa, whoa, whoaLife is a rock, but the radio rolled me, yeahAt the finish of mine rainbow lies a gold oldie

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Listen (Remember?)They're play our songRock it, amount say it, Alan FreedMe, Murray Kaufman, shot to leaving me"Fish" and "Swim" and "Boston Monkey"Make the bad and play the funky(Wanna take you higher)Freddie King and Albert KingB.B. King and frolickingGet it on and also Nat GerardiPappalardi, Hale and Hearty, yeah(Celebrate, celebrate, run to the music)There's a perfect, more than humanGentle words of Randy NewmanOne, two, three, so long, SophieAnita, Freda, Aretha(Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music)Tito Puente, BoffalongoCuba, War, and also even MongoPeter Dial, Alex HoodAnd Boogie Brass, woo!(Baby, everything is alright)