While I\"m happy to watch Michaela through a new beau on just how To acquire Away v Murder, it sucks that he has to be mysterious and also possibly sinister. Us still don\"t understand what \"Eggs\" means, yet Michaela\"s suitor is nearly definitely the human being that Rebecca Sutter texted before she died, right? They seemed pretty near in the photo Wes found, so are Levi and Rebecca associated on just how to acquire Away through Murder ? The townie appeared pretty unconnected, yet that can\"t it is in 100 percent true. Levi is played by Matt Cohen, that fans that The N (formerly well-known as Noggin, right now known together TeenNick) will remember together Aiden on southern of Nowhere. He and Rebecca definitely look alike, can they be siblings or cousins or something?

The apparent relationship in between the 2 of them would certainly be a romantic or ex-romantic one, yet I think that\"s a small bit also simple. There space plenty of lovers on exactly how To get Away through Murder however this seems favor something an ext calculated. He might be she confident/partner-in-crime, or dealer, or manager in ~ the bar. She go once cite having a friend who\"s brother is a cop, in the penultimate illustration of Season 1. That\"s a comfortable pal for a drug dealer come have, and also it might easily it is in Levi — nobody would certainly blink one eye in ~ him getting here at the courthouse to visit his brother.

However, I\"m gunning because that blood relation. Plus, this would give us much more insight into Rebecca\"s family members history. The girl love to lie for sport. There\"s no method she was as unconnected together she claimed to be. She referred to herself as an orphan in Season 1 while celebrating Christmas v Wes, however what about extended family? that is this girl the the 2 of them are with in the photo?

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This isn\"t a perfect theory. Rebecca to be the main suspect in a murder investigation, for this reason you\"d think that any kind of cousins or brothers the she had in the area would have actually rushed to she defense or bailed her the end of jail. Wouldn\"t the cops have actually wanted to question him if he to be still in town? even if Levi isn\"t related to Rebecca, I\"m confused regarding why we\"re just seeing him now — uneven the two of them made decision for some factor that the was ideal for she to show up as if she didn\"t have any type of immediate allies.

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If this is who she texted that day, just how much does he know? I\"m likewise confused regarding how Michaela uncovered Levi to set up that date. If the had included his number right into Michaela\"s phone, wouldn\"t any kind of further interaction have simply showed increase in she \"Eggs 911\" blog post thread? Is he not Eggs 911? walk he have actually multiple phones, favor so numerous other personalities on this show? Levi brings a many questions with him to how To acquire Away with Murder, and also I hope his partnership to Rebecca resides up to every the drama.

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