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Measures 4-7/8\" in all at once Length.

This unique3/16\"Alphabetloyalty hole beat is hand-built in the USA.Great for commitment programs requiring a custom shaped punch.

Select 1 letter per punch.

Madeof hardened stole punching die and also nickel plated finish, this hole punchis qualified of going with cardstock, film, and also thin plastic approximately 24 mil PVC v ease.

Punchesthrough 11 sheets that 20 lb. Copy paper.

With anopen front top there is room for goodpunching visibility.Built to last through aneasy-to-use feather action.

Product Features

In stock Shapes:
Single Letter: A-Z
Custom Shapes:
Made in the USA
Not easily accessible in stores
Includes Finger Ring
Capacity: 11 Sheets


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