Lois Ehlert’s book Leaf male follows a group of loss leaves as they are blown by the wind end fields, previous orchards, with prairie meadows, and throughout lakes and also rivers. The leaves start out in the shape of a man and also take on different configurations together they travel east, west, north, and south, going whereby the wind blows. Youngsters will love browsing the illustrations for hidden pictures created by the pipeline as they make their journey. The message is poetic and celebrates the herbal landscape the the countryside. Together you read, engage kids by asking questions and defining daunting vocabulary. Here, we share a couple of ideas for prior to reading, throughout reading, and also after reading.

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Leaf Man

Leaf male Story Time and Nature Walk

Kindergarten typical Core Standards

Literature: Key Ideas and DetailsRL.K.1 With prompting and also support, ask and answer concerns about key details in a text

Literature: Range that Reading and also Level of text ComplexityRL.K.10 Actively communicate in team reading tasks with purpose and understanding

Before Reading:

Before reading the title, have kids spend a few minutes looking at the cover illustration. Revolve the book to every sides. Ask:

What perform you check out in the picture? (leaves, acorns, seed pods)Can you uncover a hidden picture? (Yes, the leaves and seed pods make a photo of a person.)

Read the book title Leaf Man and the author’s name, Lois Ehlert. Describe that the author, or human being who created the words, is additionally the illustrator because that this book, or the person who creates the pictures. She has written many, many snapshot books that youngsters are most likely familiar with. Ask:

Does this book cover remind you of any other books you’ve read or listened to? (Take several responses.)

During Reading:

Turn come the within cover page. Ask children if lock recognize any kind of of the pipeline pictured and let castle share whereby they may have actually seen them. Review the name of every leaf as you allude to each one.

As you review the message of the story, stop to give youngsters time to scan the photos to look at for surprise images created by the pipeline blowing throughout the page. Ask:

What do you watch in this picture?

See if children can uncover the complying with images as you move through the book. Friend can also list them beforehand on chart document (out of order) and also check them turn off as youngsters discover them.

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squirrelchickenduckmouseturkeycarrotspotatoesfruit treesrabbitcaterpillarcowfishturtlebutterflymountainbird

As friend come throughout more an overwhelming vocabulary in the text, define the indigenous in child-friendly terms:

Vocabulary Definitions

marsh: one area the land that is an extremely wet and also softorchard: a team of tree planted togetherprairie: a large area of land extended with long grassesflock: a huge group of birdsrustle: a soft crackling sound

After Reading:

Let children share their favorite components of the story and why. Asking if everyone has ever before come across a leaf man prior to or any kind of other sheet picture. Then, offer each kid a small document sack and also take children on a nature walk come collect pipeline in the garden or about the neighborhood. Tell kids to be on the lookout for leaf human being or various other leaf pictures they can see together they collection their leaves.