A numerous bounty is behind you and also if you"re lucky, you"ll make it through today"s black Friday sales unscathed. You wake up up early and you waited in the long lines come trample your means to the finest deals of the year, and now you worthy a triumphant soundtrack come celebrate your bargain-finding ways. Go into rapper Young Jeezy.

The Atlanta-based MC has actually transitioned from underground mixtape master, come a significant hip-hop hustler and on Saturday, Nov. 29, he"ll be in ~ the Pressroom in Phoenix with his magazine of anthemic head-bobbing tracks. Here"s a tiny sample of few of Jeezy"s ideal hip-hop hits.

10. "Seen the All"

The title monitor to this year"s "Seen the All: The Autobiography" is a heavy slow-rolling bass dropper that features lyrical excerpts native none other than Beyonce beau, Jay-Z. It"s another introspective track that reveals the rappers" days in the streets. I"m a sucker because that big-name collaborations, and also this document is complete of them. With appearances through the Game and also Rick Ross, the record additionally marks the lack of "Young" in the rapper"s moniker. Indigenous "Seen the All: The Autobiography."

9. "I Luv It"

For his sophomore release for powerhouse rap brand Def Jam, Young Jeezy had actually a lot come love. "We count hundreds on the table, twenty"s ~ above the floor / fresh outta work and on the way with some more / and also I love it." A celebration of the finer things money can buy, "I Luv It" is one upbeat society banger. Indigenous "The Inspiration: Thug an inspiration 102."

8. "F.A.M.E."

A diagnosis the Bell"s Palsy required a three-year hiatus because that Jeezy complying with 2008"s "The Recession," however the absence seemingly enabled ample studio time that developed a pair of gems consisting of this tune with rapper T.I. Native "TM: 103 Husterlz Ambition."

7. "Amazin""

You overcame those long lines. You nabbed the $200 50-inch flatscreen. You space amazing. Jeezy used his third full-album relax as a platform because that social commentary, concentrating on current events consisting of the 2008 presidential election. That didn"t avoid him native knocking the end this self-acknowledging feel-good anthem. Indigenous "The Recession."

6. "Beautiful"

"Mirror, mirror, in mine garage / phone call me i m sorry Lambo I must park at the L"Ermitage. Pull up at The Mirage, it"s Phantoms and also Mazis / out here, expensive taste, my auto is camouflage." fellow rappers the Game and Rick Ross sign up with Jeezy top top this smooth manufacturing on his brand-new record. Native "Seen that All: The Autobiography."

5. "Standing Ovation"

Jeezy"s breakout in 2005 come on the heels of not one, yet two releases. A month before his Def Jam debut, Jeezy and also his then team Boyz N da Hood dropped your self-titled album ~ above Puff Daddy"s bad Boy label. The didn"t take long for Jeezy"s lazy southern drawl and also signature, "aaay," to record on. Native "Let"s get it: Thug an ideas 101."

4. "Put On"

A slow build up leads in to this global city-representing anthem. A digitally changed Kanye West renders his means on to this cut, v Jeezy rapping points like, "Big wheels, large straps, you know I favor it super-sized." among Jeezy"s many recognizable tracks, it functions perfectly in a car, a society or while you"re gaining ready because that a night out. Indigenous "The Recession."

3. "Trap or Die"

In the opening lines of "Trap or Die" Jeezy boasts, "Last time i checked, ns was the male on these streets." Well, you to be the man (or woman) in those sleeve aisles. One more wall-shaking banger, Jeezy, Bun B and also Slick Pulla inspire you to obtain rowdy in this 2006 release. Indigenous "Trap or Die."

2. "R.I.P."

DJ Mustard created this funky synth-slathered song and also a guest spot by rapper 2 Chainz aided make it an additional club favorite when it reduce in late 2012. It"s simple, slinky, and also straight up fun. Native "It"s Tha World."

1. "Go Crazy"

For a guy who began out more interested in the service side of the music industry, Jeezy sure turned the end to have a much more than qualified voice because that hip-hop. This horn-looping funk-filled head-bobber again functions Jay-Z and also reeks of old-school flare. Native "Let"s obtain it: Thug an inspiration 101."

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Details: 8:00 p.m., Saturday, November 29. The Pressroom, 441 W. Madison St.

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