Go Joe! It"s stated that discovering is fifty percent the battle. So gain to understand these 25 hilarious G.I. Joe memes and you"ll be prepared for anything!

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G.I. Joe, an ext than meets the eye!

That"s best guys. Because that anyone who thrived up v G.I. Joe action figures, watched the old cartoons, or even are a pan of the more recent films, you room not walk to want to miss this hilarious look in ~ the G.I. Joe franchise. The an international team of action heroes, the stands as a heat of defense against the evil Cobra Commander and his forces, has been a large franchise because that decades. Starting out as a comic publication in the 1940"s and later translating right into a well-known line of toys at Hasbro around the same time as the Transformers, the franchise has come to be as iconic together the comic book firm that created the initial comics, Marvel Comics.

The activity and story of the franchise has definitely led to the climb in popularity amongst the fans the end there. However, there are likewise a the majority of silly, strange, and downright hilarious moments and phrases from the franchise the make us all laugh out loud. These moments tickle the funny bone and keep the action-packed franchise a little more lighthearted.

So get ready to laugh as this particular day we are going to check out a rare component that the G.I. Joe franchise and that is the hilarious memes the net has offered up courtesy the the franchise. Fill with several laughs and humor galore, we space going come showcase the twenty-five many hilarious G.I. Joe memes you can ever hope to find on the internet. Go Joe!


25 fifty percent The Battle

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knowing is half the battle. Any type of G.I. Joe fan out there has heard this line time and time again. It"s about as iconic as the cartoons themselves.

It to be the huge moment where kids were taught a beneficial lesson within the paper definition of the show.

However, this image takes points a step further, showing a reality look at what the group has to execute in stimulate to save the day. Regardless of the warm-hearted messages and also life lessons imparted in the cartoon and comic, the currently dawns ~ above you the while discovering is only half the battle, the other fifty percent is all around violence. The G.I. Joe crew would not have the ability to stop Cobra commander or his pressures if that weren"t because that the use of too much force and violence. That goes to present that the cartoons and also toys really did instill a sense of violence right into our children"s culture.


24 G.I. Joe Pride

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to say that there is a large fan base because that the G.I. Joe franchise would be a substantial understatement. The franchise has actually held strong since the 40"s, and also largely represents a feeling of pride as the initial intent the the display was to showcase U.S. Pride. Yes, the franchise has actually been one American clip for decades. However, the level of proud fans have actually in this franchise has actually not always been viewed an extremely prominently. In fact, the story that lugged the G.I. Joe"s come life is often taken into consideration to be a part of geek society as it debuted as a comic book by Marvel Comics. Because of this people have actually assumed because that years the anything concerned geek society was consisted of of middle-aged males who resided in their parent"s basement, which has actually led to numerous widespread criticism the the franchise and culture as a whole. If this is means off base, this image is hilarious nonetheless.


23 One because that The Team

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continuing to beat on the entirety "knowing is half the battle" thing, this following meme decides to take that iconic line and also twist it right into a weird rotate of phrase.

We"ve all seen the cartoons.

We know the story of the Joes is all about fighting Cobra Commander and also sometimes this fights are all around sacrifice and hardships. Therefore it"s no surprise as soon as one character will tell one more that sometimes a sacrifice is demanded in bespeak to acquire a mission accomplished. It"s a sad fact of any type of military-style mission, and yet this rotate of phrase in this next meme comes throughout as an ext of a grown-up line than anything else. Once he claims "sometimes you need to take one because that the team," the means he"s place his hand ~ above the guy"s shoulder and looking at him provides it seem choose he"s advertise this man to execute some grown-up scenarios out. Really creepy...

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The Joes have constantly been approximately to hand out life lessons to children because the very first cartoons premiered. Their guidance and wisdom aided instill a feeling of justice and also morality right into not just the show, however those children watching the show, to begin with. However, what would have happened had the Joes handed out some very poorly assumed out advice to this random kids that constantly seemed to be in danger and in the thick of the action? In this following meme, we view the Joes telling children how to lessen a hangover when tackling drinking. Quite than staying clear of the son from drinking period, he speak the kid exactly how to lessen just how an effective the hangover will end up being once that starts drinking. Don"t concern though, the finishes the sentiment off by telling the child that knowing is fifty percent the battle. The other fifty percent is reportedly substance abuse.


21 emotionally Commander

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The vilest and also evilest human in the G.I. Joe franchise is none various other than Cobra Commander. The steel chromed commander of a substantial and powerful armed pressure bent on acquisition over the world, Cobra command is well-known for lacking any real set of emotions and being dedicated solely to angry plans. However, over there is one person in actual life that world tend come think is doing not have in any kind of real set of emotions. That human is none other than actress Kristen Stewart. The star that the hit teen film collection The Twilight Saga and also an actress through a slew of hit indie films under she belt, the actress is commonly targeted because that her supposed lack of emotions. Well, this next meme plays on this assumption of her lack of emotions through insisting that the leader recognized as Cobra command has much more emotions 보다 her. Wow, that"s brutal man, lol.

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This following meme is supervisor funny come think about. So frequently in the comics, cartoons and also more, someone on team G.I. Joe runs right into the unsuspecting soldiers the Cobra. The soldiers room everywhere and also have a nasty habit of showing up at the worst possible moments because that the Joes. This meme walk a hilarious task of mirroring what happens when what I believe to be Scarlet fall in throughout an illustration of the cartoon on one unsuspecting Cobra soldier. In the picture we view that the soldier is both happy to see the beautiful agent drop in ~ above him, just to establish she"s more than likely going to kick his behind the 2nd that she floor in the room. This provides it both the best and worst work of his life. It additionally highlights the noticeable differences in between male and female personalities in the G.I. Joe franchise together a whole.


19 Where"d friend Go?

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being incognito is type of a clip of any kind of action-packed spy-esque thriller. Putting on disguises come infiltrate an adversaries facilities is miscellaneous that type of comes with the territory.

It have the right to be either really fun and stupid or it deserve to be a actual shock when the personality reveals themselves.

However, this following meme go a yes, really hilarious task of highlighting what happens as soon as someone walk a yes, really horrible and also silly job of developing a disguise, and what happens as soon as an even more ignorant person falls short to recognize a yes, really iconic personality in your ridiculous disguise. I"m talking around this meme, wherein we watch Cobra Commander very visibly walking roughly in a trench coat, and yet this arbitrarily character can"t it seems to be ~ to differentiate who this villain truly is. Is it the sunglasses that are throwing him off? It"s nearly like Superman hiding in plain sight using just a pair that glasses. It baffles the mind.

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one of the more modern film industries principles is to make every one of their blockbuster movies 3-D. That"s right, any superhero, activity or even animated film that comes out in a provided year tend to garner a 3-D version of the very same film as well.

While the new of the film machine can it is in cool, overusing the 3-D element can it is in a tiny much.

Sometimes, however, the 3-D filming style is included when a film"s plot or direction are not living approximately the par the the studio"s expectations, and the studio hopes a 3-D facet will aid drive audiences to a perhaps mediocre film. That"s what fans think taken place when the studio chose to hold-up G.I. Joe Retaliation. The movie did not obtain a great reception from audiences, that felt the didn"t live as much as the franchise"s high ideals. Together the image hilariously point out out, possibly they have to have included dimension come the film"s script.


17 Previous work-related Experience

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among the stars of the more recent G.I. Joe movies is none other than Channing Tatum. The A-List Hollywood gibbs tackled the function of battle each other in the film franchise, stepping into the duty of protagonist in the an initial film prior to Dwayne Johnson come in because that the film"s sequel. Although that helped carry the star power to the very first film, this next meme hilariously showcases the truth that Channing Tatum is not simply an action film star. In fact, may be his many successful franchise is nowhere close to action-packed, however rather his starring function in the movie franchise Magic Mike. Based loosely on his life, the movie explores the life that a male grown-up dancer and also the struggles he undergoes. Having end up being a cult classic in current years, the meme does a really funny task of happen that facet of his job to irradiate in the midst of an activity sequence in the G.I. Joe sequel.

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among the an ext popular memes to go roughly the internet in recent years comes from Dwayne Johnson. A step from his film race to Witch Mountain, a sequel collection 30 years after the initial film Escape come Witch Mountain. The film has a step that has actually the action film star whirling about to confront someone in the back seat the a car. Well, in this meme, the film is an unified with the G.I. Joe world in a hilarious way. The character of line Eyes, a warrior ninja commando who took a vow the silence, make an figure in the earlier seat the his automobile that Dwayne Johnson is driving.

Now it"s funny due to the fact that Johnson starred in the film sequel G.I. Joe Retaliation.

It"s additionally funny because in the meme line Eyes breaks his vow of silence, and the shocked reaction the Johnson is simply too funny to resist laughing at.


15 no hope Times

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one of the best shocks and disappointments in the G.I. Joe movie franchise had actually to be the direction that Channing Tatum"s character Duke. In G.I. Joe Retaliation, the former star that the franchise found himself gift relegated to a minor recurring role. Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn"t watched the 2nd film, yet from this meme, it"s pretty clear that fight it out was eliminated in the early component of the film. Now from a G.I. Joe fandom and story standpoint, the makes small to no feeling that the film"s star would be offed like that. Probably it was the raised star strength of Dwayne Johnson that caused his demise. Or perhaps Channing Tatum wasn"t easily accessible for a prolonged blockbuster filming schedule. Part fans, however, think the gibbs was only in the movie at all due to the fact that of a lack of struggle films, and so dubbed the relocate desperate.

This next meme really did have actually me laughing at the franchise villain. Cobra commander is not one to it is in trifled with. A ruthless villain, someone prefer him is no really expected to it is in a gracious loser. In fact, I"d undertaking to say civilization would proactively avoid playing any sort of video game with this monstrous villain because of his quick temper and also malicious nature. So in this meme, we see that Cobra Commander has actually taken increase the long art of play cards.

However, he begins to ponder why it is the is consistently shedding at the games he"s playing.

Well, this picture hilariously showcases that the incredibly shiny helmet that adorns his confront is therefore clean the the cards he"s holding are reflected in the helmet"s surface, and most most likely his opponents are wisely playing off that his hands. My concern is who would it is in bold sufficient to willingly win the villain?


13 Losers

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among the huge characteristics the the G.I. Joe franchise and in truth something that is featured in most classic hero matches villain story is the consistency of the villain losing his gambit. No matter the plot or how daunting the journey for the heroes, the villain"s plot come take end the world constantly fails. This is the instance for Cobra Commander together well. No matter exactly how ingenious his plans and also no matter how well executed they are, his plan are always foiled through the job-related of the G.I. Joes. So that shouldn"t come as a shock that any kind of strategy collection out by the criminal and his organization would at some point fail. That"s what this meme hilariously showcases together we watch Cobra Commander, in all his initial villainous glory, holding a board game in his arms. The instance is made that Cobra command is so poor at his job that the couldn"t even win a simple game.

The critical thing any fan that the G.I. Joe franchise would certainly ever believe is that among the Joes is, in fact, a pan of My tiny Pony. However, in this next hilarious meme, we see what would take place if those two franchises had a very weird crossover event. In the optimal of the meme we check out a scene from My small Pony, with one of the creatures put on some kind of military outfit.

The next part of the image showcases the Joe, who looks at the pony and also declares the theirs.

No, this is hilarious on so countless levels. An initial of all, why is this cute tiny pony dressing increase in one old armed forces bomber jacket? It"s an extremely odd. Secondly, the Joes having any sort of interest in the cuddly tiny pony is just too weird and also hilarious come think about.


11 photo Problem

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together we have actually established, the challenge (no pun intended) of Cobra is none various other than the villain Cobra Commander. The maniacal criminal mastermind harbors a deep seated hate for the Joes and what they represent, and also the entire career of this organization has been all about taking over the world and also destroying the Joes in the process. Through that type of reputation it was standing to reason his image to the human being is an extremely much among being a monster and a fiend. However, this meme does a wonderful and funny project of creating an instance of just how several different groups of world view him. Many see the monstrous and also evil commander for that he consciousness him come be. Others check out the poor CGI version of him from the films. Others, however, watch his true form, and also in this meme it"s a hilarious cosplay variation of the character that does tiny to strike are afraid into the understanding of men.

we all in the unified States recognize the classic army recruiting tool. Posters with the above "Uncle Sam" in his patriotic outfit pointing a finger in ~ you and also asking what you have done to offer your country, before leading right into a sales key on why you should sign up with the U.S. Army. Fine this has constantly been a really iconic and symbolic recruitment tactic for the united States, yet in this following meme we view what happens once the evil and also villainous Cobra takes a jab at the icon. In it, we check out Cobra Commander has actually replaced Uncle Sam, and also as that points at you he asks if you are great at taking orders and also not dying. This reflects the general lack of care for your well being the evil organization truly has actually for you, while hilariously showing off just exactly how evil Cobra command is and why his fighting force is nothing compared to the Joes.


9 Evil never Looked for this reason Good

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It"s really rare where fans the a franchise prefer G.I. Joe would actually treatment or preeminence in favor of a rogue character. They space the rogue after all, and normally their angry deeds are sufficient to acquire the fandom versus them. However, some villains have tendency to become really appealing to the fans. One together character in this franchise is the Baroness. Even if it is it"s her good looks or her action star abilities, the character has quickly become a pan favorite in the franchise. She character to be played through the significant Sienna müller in the film G.I. Joe rise of the Cobra, wherein she was the sister that Cobra Commander and also became a spy. Whether it was she looks or her gripping story I"m no sure, yet fans look in ~ this meme and often agree that she is one of the ideal reasons to watch this film.

The work military types have to carry out in stimulate to safeguard the people can be not only challenging but dirty and tedious work. This extends to the fictional universe of G.I. Joe. The work-related these soldiers carry out is no pleasant and also often entails moving bodies and doing some an extremely unsavory things.

Well in this next meme we watch a an extremely funny method that one of the Joes goes about this dirty work.

girlfriend see frequently when taking a doubt or moving a body, soldiers finish up putting the human in a bag of part sort. This usually leads to a funny exchange where the Joes unzip the bag and also the suspect comes stumbling the end all disheveled. Fine in this meme, we check out the Joes grabbing a bag and telling the suspect that they room going to have actually to get in an itty bitty bag, even if it is he likes the or not.


7 Disney Joes

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together silly and out there as the G.I. Joe universe have the right to get, specifically in the film franchise, can you even start to imagine what would have happened had Disney gained the rights to G.I. Joe? Disney has made quite a surname for itself end the years. From your own initial films and classics come recently obtaining properties favor Marvel, Star Wars, and also the highly talked around FOX merger that is set to bring the X-Men universe right into the Marvel universe, Disney is quickly becoming the preeminent entertain powerhouse. Therefore, it stands to reason some fans of various other properties have actually feared and also wondered what a Disney acquisition would perform to your beloved franchise. In this meme, we hilariously view what the G.I. Joe personalities would look like by a Disney artist, and also muses the if director Jerry Bruckheimer had gotten a organize of the franchise the would end up being just as silly together Pirates that the Caribbean.

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The fandoms of particular properties can become an extremely protective of your favorite shows, movies or comics. Your love and passion because that the occupational they are adhering to is so solid that castle can obtain competitive with various other fandoms, who believe their favorite tasks are much better and an ext valuable than theirs.

And so fighting between fandoms occurs regularly.

indigenous the Marvel vs DC comics debate to Star Wars pan squabbling v Star Trek fans, this fight of the fandoms has been around for decades. However, this next meme hilariously showcases what happens once two playthings turned films become rivals in the fandoms. You see, it transforms out the Transformers fans think their franchise is much much better than the G.I. Joe universe, and also vice versa. Both were playthings for Hasbro and spawned their own comic books, films, and also more. This picture hilariously reflects Batman fighting Robin over which property is better.

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