Feeling a node in her stomach when you think about your boyfriend can be a sign of excitement, stress or fear. Though it is normal to have "butterflies" when thinking about someone that you like, if the knot in her stomach causes you distress, it may be about something an ext serious.

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If you and also your boyfriend have not been dating very long, it can be the you still have actually those initial feelings of excitement and also nervousness about seeing him. Possibly you feel anxious around making a great impression or can"t wait to put your arms roughly him again. Her body is responding in a primitive method to your thoughts -- through releasing hormones that reason the emotion of a node in her stomach, states psychologist Elvira G. Aletta in the "Psych Central" post "10 methods to reduced Anxiety." the isn"t that there is something wrong, yet rather that points are very right.

A knot if your stomach could likewise indicate fears the you have about the relationship. Because that example, if you have actually thoughts such as, "He need to be thinking around breaking up v me," or "Why hasn"t he referred to as me back?" you are engaging in unhelpful reasoning that is resulting in your anxiety. Guessing in ~ his thoughts, trying to check out his mind, jumping to conclusions or trying to predict the future with "What if?" inquiries will all reason that knot in her stomach, says psychologist Susan Heitler in the "Psychology Today" article "Worrying in Relationships: Three behavior That Invite Anxiety." shot to gain regulate of your runaway anxious thoughts.

Perhaps there is an actual problem with your boyfriend that is causing you to feel uneasy or afraid. If her boyfriend is too many controlling, to the allude that you can"t spend time v your friend anymore, that might be a cause. If he is needy or clingy and also won"t provide you enough space, that can be another trigger. Determine what is bring about your fear or tension so the you deserve to start to solve the problem, as said in the college of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center short article "How to handle Fears."

A knot in her stomach as soon as you think around your boyfriend might mean miscellaneous as simple as you miss out on him. If friend haven"t seen him in a while, or the 2 of you have been going through a an overwhelming time, it might be that you are feeling the results of gift apart.

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Arlin Cuncic has been writing about mental health because 2007, specializing in social stress disorder and depression topics. She served as the managing editor of the "Journal of attention Disorders" and also has operated in a variety of research study settings. Cuncic hold an M.A. In clinical psychology.

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