Knossos Minoan Palace

Knossos, the famous Minoan Palace lies 5 kilometres south-east of Heraklion, in the valley of the river Kairatos. The flow rises in Archanes, runs with Knossos and reaches the sea in ~ Katsabas, the Minoan harbour of Knossos.

In Minoan time the river flowed every year round and the surrounding hills were covered in oak and cypress trees, where this particular day we view vines and also olives. The jaw trees within the archaeological site were planted by Evans.

Constant habitation because that 9,000 year has brought about an excellent changes to the organic environment, so it is difficult to imagine what the Minoan landscape was like.

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Knossos, the 1st and 2nd Palace

The very first settlement in the Knossos area was created circa 7000 BC, during the Neolithic Period. The economic, social and political advance of the settlement caused the construction of the majestic palace of Knossos in the direction of the finish of the 2nd millennium BC.

Knossos to be the chair of the legend King Minos and the main centre of power in Crete.

This very first Palace was damaged circa 1700 BC. It was rebuilt and also destroyed again by fire, this time definitively, in 1350 BC. The environs of the palace were transformed right into a spiritual grove of the goddess Rhea, but never lived in again.

The palace of Knossos is the huge symbol of Minoan civilisation, as result of its construction, use of luxury materials, architecture plan, advanced building techniques and also impressive size.

Knossos, the first excavation by Minos Kalokairinos

The an initial large-scale excavation to be undertaken in 1878 through the affluent art-lover Minos Kalokairinos, if Crete to be still under Turkish occupation. Kalokairinos excavated part of the West Magazines and also brought many large pithoi (storage pots) come light.


Knossos, the excavations by sir Arthur Evans

In march 1900 come 1931, teacher Arthur Evans excavated not just the Palace yet the whole surrounding area the Knossos. The Palace complicated was excavated in only 5 years, really short time by today’s standards.

Evans restored the royal residence with concrete, a an approach condemned by contemporary archaeologists as arbitrary and damaging come the Minoan structure. Excavations continue and a conservation programme is underway to halt the degradation of the Palace.

Knossos, a detailed tour

The tourism of Knossos starts at the West entrance to the Palace and also circles back to the starting-point.


How to acquire to Knossos Palace

by Bus

girlfriend can acquire to Knossos palace by the city bus. The route stars native the central bus station close to the old port, and from the bus station in prior of the Hotel Astoria in Eleftherias Square in the facility of Heraklion, 50 meter from the archaeological Museum. During the summer month there space buses every 30 minutes. The ticket costs 1.5 euro (in 2017).

If you want to walk to Knossos from one more town external Heraklion, friend can gain a eco-friendly bus (KTEL), walk to Heraklion and take the city bus indigenous there.

by Car

follow the indications to Heraklion and also Knossos Palace. Usage your gps (coordiinates 35.298452, 25.163064) or a great map and ask the locals because that instructions. The key road to the website is Knossos Avenue and parking is free.

By Bus Tour

A common bus tourism is fantastic way come visit Knossos, since A) you don’t have to worry around transportation and B) there will certainly be a tour guide, that will teach friend a lot around Knossos and the Minoan Civilization.

The bus will certainly pick you increase from your hotel and also bring you to the Knossos Palace. During the trip, the tour overview will talk around the background and the mythology the Crete, the traditions and also interesting facts around the Minoan civilization. In the palace, the guide will go you with the an enig of the Labyrinth and its history.

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These mutual bus tourism usually offer a visit to Knossos and also the Heraklion historical Museum.

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