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I"m spring to develop a team that the two finest spirits in the game, although I"m clueless for this reason far, I likewise want come make sure they"re every star ranked of course, however until I develop them ns don"t really know what they will be like, for example...Lord Kyroo was fought in three different areas and had basically much more overall health and wellness than part endgame bosses, but will his soul really be any an excellent at all? Skelterwild, most likely the hardest nightmare to fight -a true nightmare lolol- but, would this really be a an excellent spirit too? open minded I"m too sceptical. Currently I have actually those distinctive Frootz Cat, Kab Kannon and also R&R Sealthing and yeah, ns beat the game with them, but I believe I might have far better spirits, and also finally it"s time to relocate on and also explore the brand-new things the come with having clear data... So in its entirety in regards to links and also stats, which would certainly be best? A third spirit that has brilliant passive abilities however crap stats is an extremely viable too.

When the strategy overview comes out, I"m certain that would certainly be the best possible reference to discover the info you"re looking for.

Yeah, it"s difficult to judge which ones room the "strongest" until you"ve watched them all. They all have different stats, abilities, commands and also resistances therefore it every sorta balances the end in the finish too. You have the right to make any Dream Eater strong though through putting loads of extra materials in them when you first create them so it"s all based upon which Dream Eaters you"re ready to usage the many items on and spend the many time with.
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Well no one has some input towards whether or not some Spirits are good? I"m curious around Skelterwild and Sir Kyroo, gift the two toughest (Kyroo is actually kinda weak attack but five well) nightmares out there.
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You might too visit the GameSpot/GameFAQs boards, seeing as just how these type of concerns regarded to setups room asked there. :v Obviously, beware the spoilers.

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I think stamin is loved one to exactly how you personally technique the battling element of the game. Ns for one am more than likely not gonna focus on Dream Eaters that much because I frequently fight there is no relying ~ above allies, so i don"t treatment which room the strongest, but particular ones may help others.And because everyone dram differently, they"ll have actually their very own opinions ~ above the the strongest dream eaters

The Rex dino dream eater is solid in mine opinion and also i use meowjesty as a assistance for healing and also when meowjesty is higher it deserve to hit pretty kind also
still require to get that skeleton rex version yet those items are so difficult to find>.it just depends a tiny on your taste of combat likewise becuase all dream eaters fight different.