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Egyptian Tattoos

Our fascinating with old Egypt will never end.

It seems everyone has a passing knowledge of this culture, your practices, and especially your aesthetic.

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Though that is regularly thought about as an old society that passed away out end time, there space still world who worship old Egyptian gods.

So if you looking to acquire a tattoo of an Egyptian figure, it’s finest to execute your study first.

Read top top for every little thing you should know about the many popular old Egyptian tattoos!

Why space We Still for this reason Interested in ancient Egypt?

William Shakespeare presented the dramatic story of Anthony and also Cleopatra in 1607.

Many of the iconic watch of the 1920’s were motivated by the excavation of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Egyptian themed movies hit the silver display in 1963, and again in 1972.

Katy Perry channeled pictures of Egyptian god in 2014, and also Chanel sent out Egyptian looks under the runway in 2018.

Like anything both aesthetically pleasing and also timeless; ancient Egypt has actually inspired its re-publishing of tattoos.

Historians room still uncovering the tattooing methods of the Egyptians themselves.

At first, they thought tattoos were just worn through lower-class females.

Now, there is proof to imply that numerous Egyptians had actually skin markings.

As a culture interested in opulence and also pageantry, the is no surprised that tattoos would certainly be renowned in Egypt.

A many time has entered studying ancient Egyptians and their habits.

But yes still more to discover.

Perhaps that is why we’re still for this reason intrigued by this long-ago culture.

Today’s Egypt may look different, yet the shadows that yesterday’s icons remain.

Are friend considering an Egyptian tattoo?

Let’s eight you through some information before you head come the shop.

Here, us will discover some of the many popular ancient Egyptian tattoo designs.

We will begin with the many iconic Egyptian figure in history:

Cleopatra Tattoos

Cleopatra is the initial fashion icon.

Over the years she has actually been both celebrated and also demonized as a ruler.

She had a flair because that the dramatic, and many passionate affairs, making her a polarizing figure.

Most that what has actually been written around Cleopatra was tape-recorded years after she death.

She is often written around either by her enemies, or civilization with typically sexist beliefs.

She is often criticized for her opulence, ruthless organize of the throne, and also sexual history.

In fact, that’s every most people are conscious of as soon as they think about this leader that the old world.

It is interesting to note that masculine leaders with the same actions are rarely criticized in the very same way.

Our pop society perception the Cleopatra is based much more on the stories approximately her than her actual legacy.

She is often seen as a femme fatale, a beautiful mrs who supplies sexual prowess to get what she wants.

Cleopatra’s reputation precedes her, yet there’s more to her than many world realize.


Cleopatra Tattoo Meanings

Here are few of the plenty of reasons why someone might get a Cleopatra tattoo:

Charm past Physical Beauty

According to most historians, Cleopatra was no the an excellent beauty world think she to be.

She to be beguiling and also persuasive, and that is not a reputation she earned with her watch alone.

Cleopatra to be clever and also had a beautiful voice.

She knew specifically how come dazzle human being when she wanted something.

For these reasons and more, she is taped as a great beauty.

It doesn’t have actually much to do with her physical features.

Cleopatra was not unpleasant come look at.

She simply didn’t have actually the symmetrical, modelesque functions we imagine for her.

You might want a Cleopatra tattoo to repeat you that several of the many memorable people in history were not classic beauties.

Look previous your physical attributes and also see the wonderful things you have the right to achieve.


A Cleopatra tattoo symbolizes great intellect, and also a qualified work ethic.

Cleopatra was not ethnically Egyptian.

She to be Macedonian and also belonged to the Macedonian Greek dynasty.

Though she was no Egyptian herself, she learned come speak the Egyptian language.

While she was at it, she learned a couple of other languages too.

She was an incredibly qualified leader.

Which leads us to our next point:

Female Leadership

In today’s female-forward society, many people turn to Cleopatra together an example.

A Cleopatra tattoo may be a an effective image for a mrs in power.

After she father’s death, Cleopatra ruled alongside her brothers Ptolemy XIII.

The two were married in ~ the time, something that was customary to store the royal lineage.

Though Cleopatra to be exiled by her brother, she controlled to regain control over the throne.

It to be customary because that a woman to ascendancy with a co-leader.

But Cleopatra is a solo act.

She led top top her very own for 3 years.

She likewise co-ran Egypt with her younger brother, however eventually driven him the end in favor of her infant son.

This solve the co-leadership tradition while providing Cleopatra the power.

During her reign, Cleopatra maintained corruption native spiritual and political authority numbers at bay.

She was likewise generous come the common people during a drought.

She led without seeing a rebellion from her people.

What’s more, the economic climate stayed steady even throughout the most difficult times.

A Cleopatra tattoo deserve to symbolize females in power and also excellent leadership skills.

Ruthless when Necessary

Cleopatra quit at nothing to keep her host over the throne.

She is rumored to it is in behind the deaths of she siblings, including the 2 brother she co-ruled with and also 1 sister that posed a threat.

During a specifically bloody chapter in history, this was much from the worst point a Pharaoh did.

But the does make her a complex heroine.

Are you a complicated protagonist in your life story?

Maybe a Cleopatra tattoo would suit you.

A Flair for the Dramatic

Cleopatra would often dress up together the goddess Isis- not just for the fashion.

She thought she was Isis, incarnated ~ above this earthly plane.

You have the right to find more on the goddess Isis later on in this article.

When inquiry to satisfy with the roman officer note Anthony, that later came to be her lover, she come in style.

Knowing the Anthony fancied self a Dionysus top top earth, she made herself up to look prefer Aphrodite.

She cruised toward that on a golden barge, sit beneath a beautiful canopy.

Her servants, dressed as cupid, fans her to boost her regality.

This lavish display, blended with the odor of Cleopatra’s chosen incense, definitely made an impression.

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A Cleopatra tattoo have the right to be a exorbitant talisman for someone who’s no afraid to live an over the optimal life.