3.) usage the links connected with her role, to discover websites with information about your topic. The links are below.

4.) utilizing the websites, you will certainly take detailed notes utilizing digital notetaking. This entails opening a empty Word document and copy and pasting your information into the record for usage later.

Click ~ above the web links to discover websites that will assist you gather information.

Shakespearean Biographer and Theater Expert: Youwill conference information about the life of wilhelm Shakespeare, the timeperiod in which he lived, his globe theatre, and also theatre companies.


Shakespeare Biography

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william Shakespeare

The Life and Times that Mr. William Shakespeare

Elizabethan England (the time in which Shakespeare lived)

The world Theatre

Shakespeare"s Theatre Company

Gaius Julius Caesar Expert: Youwill gather information around Caesar, himself. This includesinformation around his life, the historical significance that Caesar inShakespeare"s play, and his victories and also his defeats.


Gaius Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar: historic Background

Julius Caesar Conquers and Falls

Ancient Rome and Roman federal government Expert: You will research study the city of old Rome and also report all about it. Girlfriend will include information around the federal government of the city (Republic and also Emperor), roman law and also Roman economy amongst any other info you think is helpful or important.


Roman federal government 1

Roman government 2

Roman government 3

Rome: Republic to Empire

Roman politics

The end of the roman inn Republic

The start of the roman Empire

Social Class and Public Display

Fall the the roman Empire

Clickable Map the the roman Empire

Roman Law

Roman Law: Questions and Answers

Ancient roman inn Laws

Ancient roman inn Economy

The Bibliography

When youuse information that isn"t straight out the your mind for apresentation, you MUST cite where you got it. This is dubbed aBIBLIOGRAPHY. This is the same procedure you use once you citeinformation you gain from books for a report. Right here is the layout youwill use to point out the website you use to gather info for yourblog presentation. Girlfriend must cite EVERY website friend use!! This is aMAJOR part of your grade, therefore make sure it is complete!

Here is exactly how you have to write every citation:

Title of Webpage + day You retrieved the details +


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Childress Independent institution District. Retrieved 24 might 2008

WHEN girlfriend HAVE every one of YOUR WEBSITES detailed OUT CORRECTLY, YOU must PUT lock IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER prior to YOU are FINISHED!

The last Product

I will teach you exactly how to usage a blog from Blogspot.

All details you gathered during your webquest need to be consisted of in the presentation of your blog.

It is a major part of your final grade. Watch the testimonial section for further details of exactly how you will certainly be graded.