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"When ns Think the You" is the third single from Janet Jackson"s 3rd studio album, manage (1986). Written by Jackson, Jimmy Jam and also Terry Lewis, and produced through Jam and Lewis, the tune is around a human who finds relief and also fun in a lover. It to be Jackson"s an initial number 1 fight on the U. S. Billboard warm 100, and likewise peaked in ~ number 10 in the unified Kingdom. Pitchfork consisted of the tune in their height 200 80"s songs of All-time perform at number 48. The tune was resurrected in 1995 as soon as released on 2 limited-edition CD solitary formats in the joined Kingdom, one containing remixes by Deep Dish and Heller & Farley, and the various other containing remixes by David Morales. That same year this remixes were included on certain releases the "Runaway". "When i Think of You" has actually been had in every of Jackson"s best hits albums: style of a Decade: 1986–1996 (1995), Number persons (2009) and also Icon: Number persons (2010).more »

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Ooh, babyAnytime my civilization gets crazyAll I need to do to patience itIs just think of youIt"s when I think the you, babyNothin" else appears to matterIt"s as soon as I think the you, babyAll ns think about is ours loveI simply get much more attached to you as soon as you hold me in her arms and also squeeze meAnd you leaving me making me blueIt"s when I think that you, babyNothin" else seems to matterIt"s as soon as I think the you, babyAll i think around is ours loveSo in love (so in love)Ooh (so in love)With friend (so in love)Baby (so in love)Ooh (so in love)Yeah (so in love)With friend (so in love)(So in love)When i think of friend (when ns think that you)When i think of girlfriend (when i think of you)BassI"m so in loveI simply think the youWhen you"re no around, IWhen ns think of youSo in love, ooh (so in love)So in love (so in love)With you (so in love)Baby, friend (so in love)Ooh (so in love)So in love (so in love)With you (so in love)BreakFeels for this reason goodWhen ns think of youYeah, yeah

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Janet Jackson Janet Damita Jo Jackson (born might 16, 1966) is an American record artist and also actress. Known for a collection of sonically innovative, socially conscious and also sexually provocative records, and also elaborate phase shows, television and also film roles, she has been a prominent number in popular society since the early on 1970s.

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The youngest son of the Jackson family, she began her career appearing on the range television series The Jacksons in 1976 and also went on to show up in other television mirrors throughout the 1970s and also early 1980s, including an excellent Times and Fame. More »