Tricky check 2: Think external the crate is a classic trick question video game by Orangenose Studios, who supplied to specialization in this tough, mind-bending genre. Your goal is to settle all way of trick questions, ranging from the simple, i beg your pardon involve elementary institution logic, to the complex, which make you think way outside that the box.

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First came Tricky Test: obtain Smart, which likewise features lots of wacky, trick questions; this is the sequel to that. Plenty of clones and also homages, such as the Tricky challenge franchise, and Crazy Tricks, and the most well-known one, mind Out, among others.

This one has a variety of questions that will certainly leave friend stumped regarding what the answers are, until you think outside the box. You need to think around the kind of tricks the you have the right to do with your phone, flipping the or blowing right into the mic, as well as solving math problems with the type of logic the a kid can use, however that one adult could not.

Read top top for every one of the answers to every one of the problems, questions, and levels in Tricky test 2: Think outside the Box!

Question 0: The inquiry says “put every little thing into the box.” Put everything into the box, including the instructions. Take the instructions together literally together you have the right to possibly take it them. This is a an excellent lesson because that the whole rest of the game.

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Question 1: insanity the green button three times. This is a simple one without any tricks, really. The green switch just moves roughly a bit. Therefore tap that in whatever location it move to, and also after 3 taps, you’ll pass.

Question 2: The concern asks how plenty of holes room in the underwear. There room three holes total in the underwear; the left leg, the appropriate leg, and also the waist room the three holes, therefore answer 3 for this one.

Question 3: The cloud is the object that is furthest away from the word “us” in the question. So because that the concern “which is the the furthest away indigenous us”. The concern is meant as literally as possible, which method that the cloud is farthest away physically indigenous “us”.

Question 4: Moai (better known to most people as the Easter Island Head) is crying yet you can’t avoid him through your finger. Turn the phone upside down to prevent Moai’s tears. The tears will certainly flow back up into its head.

Question 5: The question asks you which of the bears has actually no ear. The bear that has actually no ear is B. Take it this inquiry literally, together the be affected by each other minus ear is just the letter B.


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Question 14: The question says come tap every one of the numbers in diminish order, from largest to smallest. Insanity 23212, 3104, then the score in ~ the top, then -219 and also -1222. The score in ~ the height counts as one of the numbers too, so just be certain to encompass that in the numbers the you’re tapping from greatest to lowest.

Question 15: You have to “take whatever out the the box” because that this question. To carry out that, placed the indigenous “everything” indigenous the question into the box, then take it out by turning the phone upside down.

Question 16: The inquiry says “I’m two years old” so normally you have to light 2 candles. To carry out this, light the center candle and also then tilt her phone to light one of the other two candles.

Question 17: madness the numbered buttons in order. The numbers readjust any time the you execute this question, so over there is no one solitary right answer. The easiest way to carry out this is to create down the numbers once they popular music up prior to you begin tapping them. Or put them in her notes app.

Question 18:To conserve both her mother and fiance at the exact same time, traction on both of their hands at the very same time with two fingers. Don’t tap on simply either one or the other. Insanity both that them and pull both of them in ~ the very same time.


Question 19: come light every one of the bulbs “on the screen”, swipe the best bulb to send it turn off of the screen, then turn on one of the switches. It doesn’t issue which move you revolve on out of all of the accessible ones, just flip among them on and also you will complete the level.

Question 20: To uncover X, check out the previous answer that room on the screen. 5 = 1 because 1 = 5. Ignore all of the rest of the numbers in the pattern.

Question 21: before you counting the apples, shiver the tree come release all of the apples and send lock falling to the ground. The variety of apples have the right to differ relying on how plenty of times friend play the game, so make certain to carry out the counting yourself.

Question 22: insanity the boxes in order from largest to smallest; however, MAKE sure to encompass the gift box in this. The gift box is ~ above the bottom right half of the screen and is smaller sized than all of the boxes except for the bottom one.


Question 23: The concern asks how many holes space in the shirt. The shirt has six holes. The hole in the middle is 2 holes, add to you have two sleeve holes, to add one belt hole, and also then you have one neck hole.

Question 24: hold your finger under on the opposite side of the screen as the one the mosquito is on. The mosquito will certainly fly towards it, then gain zapped through the pest zapper in the center of the screen. Don’t touch the zapper itself.

Question 25: The concern says to tap the green switch three times, and also to madness the yellow switch five times. Tap the green button three times, the yellow button until it transforms white, then once it transforms yellow, tap that again.

Question 26: The inquiry says to count all of the owls. While it doesn’t look choose it in ~ first, there space actually a complete of nine owls. Drag and also move every one of the owls about in order come find every one of the surprise owls. That’s just how you obtain the counting of nine.

Question 27: your goal here is to number out i m sorry of the balloons is the sharpest one. To perform this, grab the balloons v one finger apiece, and also drag the balloons to the sharp edge close to the clue “C” button. The one the doesn’t pop is the strongest.

Question 28: First, in the question “Where is mine microphone”, use your finger to separation the words “micro” and “phone” apart. Then, pinch the phone through two fingers and drag the inward to revolve it into a “micro” phone. Very punny question and also answer.

Question 29: You need to make 2 squares that don’t touch. Eliminate the matches that room perpendicular come the outermost matches. You’ll make two squares, one tiny one inside of one very large one.

Question 30: If girlfriend only move one of the matches, climate the largest possible number the you deserve to make on the display is 909. The initial number is 508, that course.

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Question 31: Tap the word “elephant” in the question. Over there aren’t enough letters to make words ‘elephant’ ~ above the answer key, for this reason the just option is to tap on words in the question.