There is one idea out there the the Aqua teen Hunger pressure is a present for stoners. While an extremely funny, the show is ultimately interpreted as lowbrow. I wholeheartedly disagree v this knowledge of the show. In all honesty, ns have found some serious pearls the wisdom in the aqua teens.

In one episode Carl and Mastershake had actually gone in havsises together to acquisition themselves a mail order bride from Chechnya . Naturally hilarity ensued but there is this minute of clarity that Carl has. Throughout the wedding ceremony, between a man a woman and also a milkshake, the priest has actually dificulty pronouncing the bride’s name. In ~ which point Carl tells him “It nothing matter, no one of this matters.” Of food a wedding is supposed to matter, and while separating your letter order bride wedding with your antagonistic milkshake of a neighbor plainly would devalue the consciousness one would think that at the very least something about the occurrence mattered to Carl…

But therein lies the point. In that minute of Zen prefer calm and brevity Carl available us all a timeless item of wisdom. The absurdity the his situation reminds united state of the absurdity that our very own situation. What room you upset about, what is really acquiring to you, together my great friend Dan would frequently quip, “sometimes that hard… living in America.” think about that i play a video clip game where people get into huge arguments and also get all fired up about virtual glowing swords. Or that people sometimes die when people celebrate the victory of some sports team , or that civilization strap bombs come themselves and go blow up various other people due to the fact that they have various views on the nature of the flying spaghetti monster. Every the when other human being die of starvation while us throw away fifty percent of ours food the goes on. These space things the matter, but they don’t occupy ours minds, and I am not saying we should aspire to it is in saints here, but we must at least aspire to perspective on the state the things.

The method he said it is not to dismiss all meaning, yet instead to inquiry the value of that meaning. Clearly he was recorded up in a particularly absurd collection of events but it only reinforces the need to reexamine her own instance to consider what walk hold meaning for you and whether or no it actually have to matter. Once I watched this illustration for the tenth time, after I had laughed Carl’s indigenous still stuck with me. When it all seems so bogus, once I wonder what the point is. I just remember “It don’t matter… nobody of this matters”

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