Israel Adesanya and also Marvin Vettori fought in the UFC 263 main occasion Saturday. Note J. Rebilas-USA TODAY sports
watch Israel Adesanya vs. Marvin Vettori 2 complete fight video clip highlights from the UFC 263 main event above, courtesy of the UFC and also other outlets.

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Adesanya vs. Vettori 2 took location June 12 at the Gila flow Arena in Glendale, Ariz. UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya (21-1) and also Marvin Vettori (17-5-1) fought for UFC gold in a rematch. The fight aired live ~ above ESPN+ pay-per-view. Catch more video highlights below.

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For much more on Adesanya vs. Vettori 2, examine out the live blog by MMA Fighting’s Jed Meshew.

Round 1

Vettori comes the end in southpaw v Adesanya coming the end in orthodox to start. Lots of movement at an early stage from the champion and also Vettori is feather to cut the cage. Plenty of leg kicks come the command leg the Vettori together well.

Adesanya feinting a lot at an early stage too and we haven’t seen lot offense from the challenger hence far, simply pressure. Adesanya throws another naked command leg kick though and also Vettori now has actually the timing and also catches it, taking the champion down. Adesanya has complete guard but he scoots to the cage quickly and also he’s looking to stand early. Vettori not enabling it hence far but Adesanya create a scramble and stands.

Vettori continues to be on Adesanya though, holding the clinch and trying to get a takedown. He can not through and also Adesanya gets earlier to space. Undeterred, Adesanya walk right back to the command leg kick. Vettori do the efforts a punching combination but Adesanya slips easily, and he’s ago to chopping down that prior leg. That is walk to pay dividends.

Vettori is able come corral Adesanya but he’s play hell trying come land as soon as he does. Adesanya head movement is stellar. And also he is landing the leg kick at will. At some point he’s going come feint low and also it’s going to clobber Vettori if the goes up top.

Adesanya litter a 5 piece combo through one landing cleanly and also a head kick at the end that missed by millimeters and also would have finished the fight. Adesanya is clearly miles ahead of Vettori top top the feet yet the challenger is not searching for takedowns yet.

MMA Fighting scores the ring 10-9 Adesanya.

Round 2

Vettori isn’t gaining beaten up on the feet but he’s getting schooled, if that makes sense. If he proceeds to communicate in this fight, Adesanya is going to have actually all the trust in the world. Vettori needs to shoot part takedowns and his coaches tell him usually as much.

Vettori comes out with pressure early and also even throws his very own leg kick however now he’s obtaining a small wilder and Adesanya counters through a pair of clean shots the snap Vettori’s head back. Brawling top top the feet may give Vettori the best chance in striking but it additionally creates a big opportunity because that Adesanya to cold him.

Another pair of exchanges through Adesanya obtaining the much better of it and also now Vettori shooting in and gets a double against the fence yet Adesanya is stalwart therefore far. Vettori gets close but has to give up it eventually and also they are earlier at space.

Vettori really coming forward now and though he’s still missing, come his credit transaction he’s acquired a check out on Adesanya’s slips and also he’s throwing into Adesanya’s retreat path. That’s an excellent at least, in concept. Meanwhile, Adesanya is still picking his shots and landing cleanly, especially with feints to set them up. All the while, Adesanya is quiet landing short kicks.

Adesanya is playing with a little bit of fire backing approximately the fence though and also now Vettori it s okay in on another dual leg yet Adesanya lands some Travis Browne elbows that renders Vettori climb high again rather of eat an ext of those. Vettori is running out of principles it appears like.

Back in room and Adesanya is starting to throw head kicks. Friend knew that would certainly come and thus far they are absent but eventually, one is going to land and also that’ll it is in the game.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Adesanya, 20-18 Adesanya overall.

Round 3

Credit come Vettori’s corner. Rafael Cordeiro is shooting his fighter straight, informing him he has actually lost 2 rounds and that Vettori requirements to increase the pressure also more. Again, appropriate idea in concept but may acquire him clattered too.

Adesanya floor a human body kicks and right hook to start the round yet Vettori powers with on a twin leg in room and he operation Adesanya throughout the cage and also gets the takedown early. That’s a good change because that him.

Vettori is in top-half and also he’s obtained Adesanya in the facility of the cage, away from the fence. Adesanya is remaining tight, not in search of much indigenous the bottom, just playing safe. Now Adesanya scrambles but Vettori continues to be with him and he’s top top the back!

Vettori was lightning quick with that and he’s under the chin! but Adesanya was transforming quickly and now he’s on top! Adesanya no play around and also stands up yet Vettori grabs a leg and virtually pulls off the sweep! Adesanya procedures out and also stands yet as that does, the pokes Vettori in the eye and we have actually a break in the action.

Vettori take away a rest yet not a long one and they space now earlier in an are and Adesanya is transforming up the volume as Vettori looks to it is in tiring a little. Vettori is pressuring a lot now though and also lands a an excellent left hook, his finest punch the the fight. Vettori have to really it is in targeting the body instead of head hunting.

Adesanya quiet landing foot kicks consistently and also Vettori is beginning to step a tiny heavier now. He’s ferocious though, proceeding to charge forward. Adesanya playing the matador well though and also still, looking for the head kick. Obtaining closer every time.

Leg kick from Adesanya autumn Vettori briefly yet he’s earlier up and also Adesanya knows he come target the leg now. With less than ten secs though, Adesanya throws a former kick the lands low and also causes a break in the action. Two fouls from the champion this round, and it i will not ~ be absurd come penalize him.

Marc Goddard tells Vettori to take it his time and as the does so, Adesanya says out loud the “I’m getting a remainder as well.” Harsh. No suggest is bring away though and the ring resumes and then ends.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9 Adesanya, 30-27 Adesanya overall.

Round 4

More that the very same from Vettori’s edge during the break, imploring the to usage the twin jab and make miscellaneous happen. Good idea but he may simply not have the capacity to carry out so.

Vettori warm off the block to begin the fourth yet Adesanya floor a leg kick, defends a takedown, and also lands one more one that buckles the knee briefly. Vettori still comes forward though but he it s okay kicked again. And also again. And Vettori eats a left hook.

Now Vettori drives in ~ above a dual leg versus the fence and he gets his hands locked however he’s not able to finish yet. Vettori suck the hips the end though and does finally get the takedown but Adesanya sweeps him almost immediately and stands earlier up.

Another absent from the champion. Vettori charges forward and also lands a great right hand and if he had actually some actual power probably this would certainly be a various fight however he is can not to hurt Adesanya and that’s offering him complimentary reign ~ above the feet. More kicks indigenous the champion, mixing his levels.

Now Adesanya is coming forward and honestly, Vettori is actually doing a decent task of countering him turn off the back foot. He is still shedding the exchanges yet these space his cleanest blows. Vettori comes forward and Adesanya floor a beautiful combo, finishing with a foot kick. Credit transaction to Vettoir for proceeding to struggle on a foot that has to feel favor shit.

Vettori charges forward on a strength single-leg and runs Adesanya earlier to the fence yet he’s obtaining stonewalled here. The challenger is simply gaining outclassed everywhere and also now Adesanya is talk to that in this clinch if Vettori just holds on because that the round. Adesanya pats Vettori ~ above the butt together the horn sounds.

MMA Fighting scores the ring 10-9 Adesanya, 40-36 Adesanya overall.

Round 5

Vettori’s corner appears to have embraced that their fighter doesn’t have it, resorting come the many desperate of “five minute to be champion” speeches. It’s not wrong but there simply isn’t much to be said here. Vettori has actually ignored their technological advice for this reason far and also he’s in an difficult hole.

Adesanya feinting beautifully to start and also Vettori biting on anyone now. That eats a had low kick and charges in top top a takedown yet again, Adesanya it s okay to the fence and he’s illegal it off well. Vettori clearly doesn’t even have the energy to muscle up among these takedowns if he could and Adesanya isn’t providing him the adjust anyway.

After a prolonged clinch, Adesanya separates and also he lands a an excellent head kick. Vettori takes the well yet he cannot get any kind of real offense going. Not so for Adesanya that is spring masterful tonight, developing angles and also tagging the challenger. Vettori soil a ideal hand the Adesanya mocks and also Vettori soil a great right hook when Adesanya make the efforts to collection him up for a finishing uppercut that simply missed.

Another takedown attempt from Vettori and also he almost gets the takedown but Adesanya just avoids getting dragged down. Vettori holds top top the clinch though and also honestly, this is beginning to feel choose he’s play for the final bell. Can not blame him yet that’s a though scene and also Goddaed off them through 45 secs left.

Adesanya looking for the complete with quick time left but Vettori has actually been decently responsible top top the protective end. Vettori shoots an additional takedown and also it fails as the horn sounds and also Adesanya feigns injury before celebrating what will be a clear win for the champion.

MMA Fighting scores the ring 10-9 Adesanya, 50-45 Adesanya overall.

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Official Decision

Israel Adesanya defeat Marvin Vettori by unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45).