It's well known that the album The Wall loops on itself via "Isn't this wright here..." in the last seconds of the last song, and "...we came in?" in the first seconds of the first song.

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My question is: Does anybody recognize of any various other neat little easter eggs in Pink Floyd (or perhaps not Pink Floyd?) albums that make you say "Hm. Interesting."?


If you think about it Pink Floyd’s albums from 1973, 1975, 1977, 1979, and also 2014 have actually a really cyclical nature.

The Dark Side of the Moon starts via a heartbeat, signifying the birth of new life, and ends with a heartbeat, signifying the fatality of old, competent life. After all, it’s about the modern-day struggles of humale society: not living in the minute, time, travel, anxiety, conflict, decisions, greed, and also insanity.

Wish You Were Here starts through Shine On You Crazy Diamond and also ends through the following half, sandwiching the middle songs of the album. The songs talk about the band’s disillusionment with the music market (Welcome to the Machine & Have a Cigar) and also the lack of former band leader Syd Barrett (Wish You Were Here) that prospered exhausted of his excess fame and the document agency label. The band kbrand-new that also if the market used them, they still had Syd’s soul to cycle the band also with the album.

Animals is political commentary that is based off of George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Roger Waters, singing on Pigs on the Wing, which prefer WYWH sandwiches the middle songs, talks about he is a “dog” that desires to live life away from the “pigs on the wing.” In the album, the pigs are the ruthmuch less leaders or huge shots that think they’re inclined over everyone else. The dogs are the fierce competitors of culture that are provided by the pigs, yet premium to the sheep. The sheep are those who are ignorant and also think to carry out points the Christian way, being offered by the others. In the finish, the sheep, in the their numbers, overtake the dogs, that would certainly inevitably overtake the pigs. This is simply prefer Animal Farm, where the animals take over the farmers, yet ended up being human beings themselves.

The Wall’s quote: “Isn’t this where we came in?” represent the truth that as soon as someone, prefer Pink, tears dvery own their wall and reenters culture, an additional perkid takes the bricks and creates a wall of their very own, leaving society. Yet, tbelow is constantly hope in the following live, simply like reincarnation idea in Buddhism.

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The Limitless River simply loops from the last song to the first, interpretation that Pink Floyd’s legacy and also times together will still cycle on.