Debrina Washington is a new York-based family law attorney and also writer, that runs her own virtual exercise to assist single parents with legal issues." data-inline-tooltip="true">Debrina Washington

Debrina Washington is a brand-new York-based family members law attorney and writer, that runs her own virtual exercise to assist solitary parents through legal issues.

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Emily is a fact checker, editor, and also writer who has expertise in psychology, health and also lifestyle content. " data-inline-tooltip="true">Emily Swaim

Emily is a fact checker, editor, and writer who has actually expertise in psychology, health and lifestyle content.

One variable that courts consider when making kid custody and visitation decisions is a parent"s life accommodations. Acceptable living accommodations are those that enable a son to live safely, be comfortable, and thrive—but determining whether a parent’s living case fits that bill relies on a variety of things.

Child custody regulations vary native state to state, and considerations differ by court and also even by the judge, but all states work to recognize the ideal interests that the child.

Best attention parameters usually incorporate things like:

The relationship between a child and their parents and other household membersThe ability of parental to administer for your childThe mental and physical health of the parents and the child

Here are some general guidelines a referee might consider when challenged with a difficulty to life accommodations because that custody and visitation purposes.


lot of Privacy


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Ideally, kids have their very own bedroom or one the they share v siblings in the home that they spend the majority of their overnights. Occasionally a inquiry arises about whether a child demands to have their own separate bedroom in ~ a non-custodial parent’s house as well.

Courts might prefer the a child have their own bedroom, yet it’s not a hard and also fast rule. The main thing to store in mental is whether your child has sufficient privacy at each parent’s home. This could mean ensuring the the child has their very own bedroom, bathroom, or a private location to acquire dressed.

Whether your kid shares a bedroom through a sibling is also worth some consideration. Teens require an ext privacy 보다 younger children. This method that a court might not look favorably top top a teenager sharing a bedroom with a sibling in elementary school.

Siblings of various genders may be able to share space when they are preschool age and younger, yet as they end up being older and aware that modesty, they will most likely prefer much more privacy.

Splitting increase a shared an are could it is in a simple solution. Curtains or room dividers can be simply the point to aid everyone feeling a little much more comfortable. This have the right to be ideal especially in situations where various gender or various age siblings need to share space but require much more privacy.

Parent’s Financial situation
Not everyone lives in the same kind of home. Develops of real estate that room considered common include apartment buildings, multi-unit homes, single-family homes, and also mobile homes. Yet what about an ext unusual living situations, choose a vehicle or camper? room those life arrangements out of the question?

Living in a vehicle is no looked ~ above favorably by the court. A automobile is too little to offer adequate space, cleanliness, or privacy as defined by requirements that recognize the finest interest of the child. Often, life in a car is a dire circumstance that may suggest a absence of resources and support.

RV living may be looked upon in a similar way, although, the choice to live in an RV might in some cases be an ext intentional. Still, depending upon the situation and whether the camper is moving from ar to place, RVs may not sell the same level that space, stability, and access to friends and school the a usual home would.

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Some things a judge may take right into consideration around living in one RV room whether the instance is short-lived or permanent, the climate in which the RV is located, and whether the child has accessibility to school and also regular medical professional visits.