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Targeting Uninformed Customer


Ethics in marketing to work is identified as acceptable values of rules set to overview marketers or a person’s habits towards acting in a morally right method (Smith et al. 8). When a person is confronted with uninformed customers, the choices depend greatly on the moral principles and also values the person holds. This paper thus, finds the it is unethical to target uninformed customers.

In most cases, as soon as a firm or salesperson insists ~ above marketing their assets to uninformed customers, there is a possibility that their goods and services may turn to be unsafe or unfit for the targeted customers and also market. Targeting unformed customers thus, amount to unethical practice since the marketer might be subjecting client to assets with negative quality or products and services that do not have what the agency is heralding or promoting.

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We know that in the present market situation, the target of enterprise is to boost the wealth of shareholders and wealth maximization. Alongside, companies are seeking to penetrate their commodities to with every client so that they can have a vain advantage. However, targeting customers who have not arisen consciousness of the product is unethical because, through time, it may lead to bad publicity or an unfavorable perception because these customers will certainly sooner or later, realize that they were cheated to do wrong decisions about the product (Smith et al. 19).

Thirdly, ethical worries arise in the distribution processes when one targets uninformed customer. Together tendencies necessitate unethical methods such as forcing the sale of products and services with a higher commission. It thus, method that the targeted customer will be required to buy assets they never target. Additionally, the client may continue purchasing commodities at greater prices especially, if there is no push from customer interest groups.


This file has evaluate three locations of unethical practices occurring from targeting uninformed customers. The finds the such methods are not only unethical but, creates a industry where customers are subjected to negative quality services and products. Besides, the practice jeopardizes product or brand image of the company.

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