Breathing therapies are advantageous for people who have asthma or other varieties of breathing conditions. The therapies are provided to help open the airways and also make breathing easier. Breathing treatments have the right to be provided through a metered sheep inhaler, likewise known together an MDI, or with a nebulizer. Either technique can additionally be used through a trach or when on a ventilator. This lesson will certainly talk about giving therapies via a trach pipe while on a ventilator.

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Using a Nebulizer

Gather the supplies:

Nebulizer machinePower sourceMedicineAerosol tubing, T-connector, medication cup (nebulizer)

Set that up:

Insert the suitable dose the medicine into the medicine cup.Place the lid top top the cup.Attach the T-connector come the lid.Attach the tubing to the nebulizer machine.Disconnect the ventilator at the connection between the vent filter and the person"s trach tubing.Connect the nebulizer T-connector come the vent filter and then connect the other end to the person"s trach tube.

Start the treatment:

Turn the nebulizer device on.The medication in the cup will start to turn into a well mist. The human being will breath in the mist together the ventilator gives the usual amount that breaths.Watch the medicine cup to check out when all of the mist is gone. Once the mist is gone, the treatment is finished.

Stop the treatment:

Turn turn off the nebulizer device (not the ventilator).Remove the nebulizer from between the vent filter and the trach tubing.Re-attach the continual vent tubing earlier to the filter and earlier on to the person"s trach tube.The ventilator will continue to give breaths together usual.Sometimes a person may have to be suctioned after ~ a treatment. To perform so, please see the "Suctioning" lesson for an ext information.

Clean the equipment:

Take apart every one of the nebulizer supplies and also clean them because that the next use. View the "Cleaning Equipment" ar for much more information ~ above this topic.


Sometimes the low press alarm will certainly sound since you disconnected and also reconnected the tubing because that the breath treatment. Most of the time, this is nothing to be came to about. If this happens, simply press the "silence" button on the ventilator and watch to make certain the human being is no having any kind of breathing problems.

The alarm and flashing light need to stop after friend re-attach the tubing. However, if it proceeds to sound/flash, inspect all vent tubing relations to make certain they are secure. Also, examine the cuff push in the trach as you were taught in rehabilitation. If it continues to sound/flash after you confirm everything and also the human being is having breathing trouble, offer extra breaths via the Ambu Bag and also call 911 and also the home care firm for help. Continue bagging the person until emergency aid arrives.

Using a Metered sheep Inhaler

A metered dose inhaler (MDI) offers breathing medicine by a small hand held device. It is very basic to use also if the human being is ~ above a ventilator.

Obtain the MDI medicine.

Open the distribution port:

Locate the delivery port for the MDI adapter on the vent tubing. The delivery port looks choose a tiny cap that deserve to be lifted up and also down. That is near the filter part of the tubing.Open the delivery port and also place the inhaler upside down right into the port so that attaches securely.

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Give the inhaler:

Give the inhaler through squirting (push the MDI downwards through the thumb while the remainder of the hand cradles the vent tubing) one puff right into the vent tubing.Allow the ventilator to supply 10 breaths.Give the second puff that inhaler.Allow the ventilator to deliver 10 more breaths.

Remove the MDI: