Chelsea closed the end its worldwide Champions Cup slate Wednesday evening through a 3-1 win end AC Milan at U.S. Financial institution Stadium in Minneapolis. 

Oscar, who came on together a instead of in the 59th minute, nabbed a brace in the triumph, while Bertrand Traore collection the tone for the Blues through the game"s very first goal complying with a strong opening declare by the Italian side. 

AC Milan applied pressure immediately to start the contest, and also it was Ignazio Abate who made his existence felt with a blistering shot that was saved by a sprawling Thibaut Courtois to prevent a damaging opening sequence. 

Milan ongoing to press right into the attacking 3rd throughout the game"s an initial 20 minutes, and also it practically struck gold once Luiz Adriano play a beautiful ball to M"Baye Niang increase the left-hand side. However, the Frenchman was unable come slot his shot past the Chelsea goalkeeper and record the game"s very first tally.

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And when Milan looked choose the sharper next early, the Blues countered and found the net in the 24th minute thanks to Traore. 

After Victor Moses" to win on score was conserved by the quick reflexes that Milan keeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, Traore to be there to knock the round home and capitalize on Chelsea"s fierce strike to provide the Premier organization side a 1-0 lead. 

However, Milan didn"t trail because that long. 

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After the Italian side attracted a cost-free kick in a dangerous area, Giacomo Bonaventura node the score at one-goal apiece many thanks to a gorgeous set piece the curled into the left next of the net previous the outstretched eight of Courtois, as Chelsea"s official Twitter account noted:

Chelsea FC

It was clipped over the wall an extremely well. Courtois had no chance. 38 minutes played. #CFCTour

Elsewhere, Diego Costa drew his first start that the preseason for Chelsea ~ nursing a minor back injury, and also the 27-year-old caused problems for Milan"s defense together he supplied his physicality to clean out space and earn opportunities for the Blues. 

In fact, Costa deserve three complimentary kicks in ~ the game"s first 30 minutes—two of which come in the attack half.

The frenzied very first frame collection the stage for a dramatic finish, and also Chelsea was presented v a gold opportunity to jump ahead as soon as Cesar Azpilicueta"s cross into the box was handled by a Milan defender.

Following the main call, Oscar calmly stepped approximately the spot to thrust Chelsea in prior with simply 20 minute remaining. And with time dwindling, the Brazilian star punctuated a superlative initiative with a 2nd tally indigenous close range, courtesy the Juan Cuadrado in the 87th minute.

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The win stood for a bounce-back mirroring of sorts because that Antonio Conte"s side, which fell to genuine Madrid, 3-2, in its second International champion Cup contest. Milan, meanwhile, reduce its final two ICC gamings after Liverpool handed it a 2-0 defeat in Santa Clara, California. 

However, there to be plenty the positives because that both sides to take away from the preseason tournament as they begin to ramp up preparations because that the begin of their respective continuous seasons. 

Milan is slated to open Serie A play on Aug. 21 against Torino, if Chelsea will certainly embark on a quest to record Premier organization glory as soon as it clashes through West Ham unified on Aug. 15.

Postgame Reaction

Conte only hosted a brief meeting through reporters ~ the win, yet he did reflect ~ above Oscar"s two-goal display as the night sheathe up. 

"I think is a an excellent player with great talent and also he have the right to improve a lot," the said, per the team"s official Twitter account. "I view a good attitude and a good will."

Conte also explained the his final squad is coming into view v the end of the summer transfer window and the begin of a new campaign on the horizon. 

"I think this enhance told me a lot—about the players that keep and also who deserve to go top top loan or we can sell," Conte added, every the team"s Twitter account. 

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