Impacted Canine Teeth

Impacted canine tooth surgical treatment is a dental procedure in i m sorry a canine tooth the is unable to properly erupt v the gum tissue and also jawbone is surgically maneuvered into its practical position. The four canine teeth (also dubbed eye teeth or cuspids) are the an ext pointed single-rooted teeth located on either side of the front 4 incisors ~ above both the bottom (mandibular) and top (maxillary) jaw.

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Canine tooth Purpose

Canine this are solid biting this that offer several critical purposes in dental function, including:

Chewing and also tearing foodGuiding this into proper bite alignmentPreventing other teeth from coming into unhealthy call with each otherAesthetically shaping the smile

Because the maxillary (top) canine teeth are typically the critical anterior this to erupt (usually in between the periods of 11 and also 13), sometimes the space available in the dentist arch is inadequate to accommodate the bigger incoming permanent canines, which are much more comprehensive than the primary teeth.

When a canine this becomes stuck and cannot erupt right into position, it is thought about to it is in impacted. The maxillary canine teeth room the 2nd most commonly impacted teeth, v wisdom this being the many common. However, if wisdom this can frequently be extracted without sensible repercussions, the canine teeth are much more critical to oral health, so dental specialists will go to good lengths to help in their ideal eruption.

Cause that an impacted Canine Tooth

Common factors for canine teeth impaction include:Insufficient spaceInability come follow ideal track follow me the surrounding teethAlignment troubles with various other teethEarly ns or removed of major teethGeneticsCanine teeth commonly have a small pathway in which to erupt due to:Sequence of eruption: All various other front teeth are totally establishedSize: permanent canine teeth space much larger than the short-lived teeth they are replacingSlow development: Canines have actually longer root than most other teeth, therefore a longer eruption path

Diagnosing affected Canine Teeth

Diagnosing impacted canine teeth beforehand is vital to their successful treatment. Follow to the American combination of Orthodontics (AAO), children should have a dental examination which consists of a panorex screening x-ray by age 7, in order to determine the presence and location of every the teeth and to identify any problems through tooth eruption. Maintaining close watch on locations of issue will aid with at an early stage recognition of influenced canine teeth.

If a canine tooth has actually not erupted in ~ the appropriate time, your dentist will do a thorough examination including:Observing the position and angulation of nearby teethFeeling the gum heat for evidence of the missing toothX-rays (possibly number of types)X-rays for impacted canines are supplied to:Determine if the this is in reality impactedClarify tooth position relative to nearby teeth and also jawIdentify troubles the impaction may be bring about to various other teeth and also structuresCreate the ideal treatment setup for the patient’s distinct circumstances

Occasionally, a CT scan may be encourage to get 3-dimensional information about the affected tooth. Pacific oral Surgery provides our on-site Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) scanner because that convienence to the patient.

Types of Canine tooth Impaction

The maxillary canine teeth space the most typical to become impacted, and also most affected patients (90%) just experience impaction top top one side. When existing, well-established this block the just arrived canine teeth, the an outcome can be ectopic eruption (the this does not follow its appropriate path).

Approximately 60-85% that canine ectopic eruptions space palatal impactions (the tooth heads inward toward the roof that the mouth, or palate), while the remaining head external toward the cheek or room stuck over the roots of nearby teeth in an elevated position within the jaw.

Impacted canine teeth affect women twice as regularly as men with approximately 2% of the populace experiencing the condition.

Problems With affected Canine Teeth

Some impacted canine teeth can remain untreated with little effect to the patient, however, the condition should be carefully and also frequently monitored, together there is the potential because that serious problems to arise. Aesthetically, the area whereby the canine tooth need to erupt will either be vacant or the smaller baby tooth will certainly remain.

Other feasible consequences that untreated influenced canine this include:Resorption: damage to nearby healthy teeth which can an outcome in this lossMisalignment of teeth: The affected canine tooth deserve to push surrounding teeth the end of positionAbnormal tissue growth: Cysts or tumors which call for removal can type around the affected toothPremature undertake on various other teeth: without the canines soaking up much the the bite impact, the various other teeth can come to be damagedLessened tooth function: as result of lack the a crucial canine tooth or this damageBone loss

Treatment for impacted Canine Teeth

The score of therapy for an influenced canine this is to carry the this into suitable alignment through the various other teeth. Typically, the first course of therapy is to develop a sufficient an are for the canine this to erupt. If impaction is detected early, remove of the primary canine this or other teeth blocking the method can clear the pathway, allowing the canine come come in.

Another technique, a gingivectomy or open up exposure procedure, involves removing the overlying gums to promote the organic eruption the the affected canine.

If developing sufficient space and clearing the pathway because that the canine tooth does not facilitate eruption, your dentist, orthodontist, and also oral surgeon will often work together a team to create and carry the end a treatment arrangement to relocate the tooth into place.

The kind of procedure perform will depend on:Which this is impactedPosition of impacted tooth in the jawboneDegree the impaction

Exposure and Bracketing for affected Canine teeth (Braces)

The most common treatment for impacted canine this is referred to as exposure and also bracketing, which involves the usage of orthodontics and also a basic surgical procedure.

Once a an are is opened up for the impacted canine tooth to it is in moved right into position, the exposure and also bracketing procedure will certainly be carry out by your oral surgeon. Exposure and also bracketing for one tooth is generally performed using neighborhood anesthesia and also nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and is an in-office, quick (usually simply over one hour) surgery. In some cases, IV sedation may be used for more complex procedures.

During the exposure and bracketing surgery, the gum over the influenced canine tooth is lifted and the tooth is exposed. The surgeon then bonds an orthodontic clip equipped through a small gold chain to the exposed impacted tooth. The chain is attached come an orthodontic arch cable and, in many cases, the gum is then sutured closeup of the door leaving just the chain visible. If the affected tooth is situated in the roof that the mouth, it may be left uncovered.

Several days later, the orthodontist places rubber bands top top the chain to create a slight pulling force to slowly move the impacted tooth right into its correct position. The exposure and also bracketing process can take approximately a year to accomplish the optimal results and also should be carefully evaluated along the way.

When the impacted canine requires moving a longer distance than normal, minor gum surgery might be important to give the gum tissue over the tooth much more bulk. Success price for exposure and bracketing decreases as the patient ages and also if the tooth is also horizontally positioned.

After Exposure and Bracketing surgical procedure for impacted Canine Teeth

After your exposure and bracketing surgery, girlfriend will have actually some slight bleeding from the surgical site. Over-the-counter pain medications should alleviate any kind of discomfort you experience for a few days.

Other tips for after your influenced canine tooth surgery include:Apply ice packs if girlfriend experience any kind of swellingEat a soft, bland diet until you space comfortable through chewingAvoid crunchy or sharp foods (chips, crackers) that have the right to irritate surgical procedure siteMaintain an excellent oral hygieneVisit your orthodontist in ~ 2 main of surgeryAn impacted canine tooth may need come be extracted on rare occasions, such as:Ankylosis (tooth will not move due to blend with bone)Resorption compromising the toothExtremely major impactionAdjacent teeth are seriously jeopardizedPathological changes (cysts and also tumors)

If you space concerned about an impacted canine this or think that you or your child may have one, contact our office for an evaluation.

If you would choose to species a consultation through a doctor at Pacific dental Surgery, you re welcome submit an online appointment inquiry or call one of our Pacific oral Surgery offices located in Ventura, thousands Oaks and also Simi Valley.

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