Learning and fun need to go hand-in-hand. Let that be the case with the fun character color pages based on popular author Laura Numeroff's "If You provide a..." seriesLove the totality series?GET THE BUNDLE!What's included?5 colour pages based upon the main character of the popular "If You offer a..." se
Repeat after Me youngsters teaches the healthy behavior of mindfulness, kindness and also compassion because that kids. Each week we relax a brand-new digital color bundle to assist children exercise a positive way of life in a weekly routine. The affirmation because that this bundle is "My sacrament is abundant" and it pairs perfect
Entertain your classroom with an interaction story snapshot activity. Have your students attract a family photo choose the mouse in the story.

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This cute tiny mouse is pairing increase with among the ideal chefs in history, Julia Child, in this lover coloring sheet!
This unit contains-Sequence Cards-3 Leveled creating Activities-Reading understanding Game with answer key-Listen and also Follow directions Coloring Sheet-Labeling the Mouse- color and b/w with answers-ABC Order/Write the Room-Emergent Reader-Sequence paper printableSAVE $$$ with this bundleLaura Numero
If you offer a mouse a Cookie publication study - perfect for her young learners. Included are:* cover/credit page* story wheel* sequencing activity* composing pages* recipe and also snack writing page* craftivity v all layout pieces and sample photo* STEM task - would probably need to be excellent to
Do you read “If You provide a computer mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff?It’s one of my students’ favourite stories; and also perfect because that sequencing!With the in mind, I chose to do a flip-the-flap booklet, to assist students not just practice sequencing however enjoy retelling the story together well. That a super-fun tran
During my speech treatment sessions, I like to use publication companions to address language, articulation and phonological goals! With blended groups, I like to have speech therapy activities and games in order to deal with mixed groups. If You give A computer mouse A Cookie publication companion includes open finished games a
The publication If you offer a computer mouse a cookie is nearly a classic in primary school schools. Check out the publication in your speech therapy session and then prolong the lesson and also increase skills gained, including: CONTENTSPages 2-12: Retelling pictures and aidesPage 13: concern cardsPages 14-23: The future tensePag
Take your class on an adventure while reinforcing retelling, reading understanding & writing an abilities centered about "If You give a mouse a Cookie."This product is designed as a book companion. The is not a replacement of the initial book, which need to be bought separately.Love the entirety series?GET
This activity is component of the product, "If You offer A computer mouse A Cookie facility Activities."These printable bingo dauber worksheets space no prep and also a an excellent way because that preschoolers and also kindergarten student to occupational on their fine motor an abilities along with letter recognition. I have also used these dot worksheet
Do your students enjoy dressing up and acting the end fables, folktales or fairy tales? do they like consisting of their own stories and also bringing them come life? execute you need a quick, easy costume for your students?Children love wearing this cute coloring mouse printable document hats during reader's theater, dr
If You provide A computer mouse A Cookie by Laura NumeroffIf a hungry little mouse reflects up on your doorstep, you might want to provide him a cookie. And if you give him a cookie, he'll ask for a glass of milk. He'll desire to watch in a mirror to make sure he doesn't have a milk mustache, and also then he'll ask because that a pa
For other unit studies visit www.hshighlights.com all of these tasks are excellent in this unit and also placed in a lapbook format1. Title ( create the surname of the publication here)2. Coloring picture or Craft3. Pre-reading books4. One of Information5. Write a Quote6. Postal Stamp7. Award8. Key S
In this bundle friend get:*Inspirational Quote color Sheet*Workbook concentrated on "If You give A computer mouse A Cookie"*Math Worksheet
Have students recognize the objects in the story by colour them.Cross off the objects that were not in the story.
This totally free secret password printable functions story terms because that If You offer a mouse a Cookie, and also comes through a convenient teacher answer vital for simple classroom integration.Our full Unit:If You provide a mouse a Cookie tasks and Vocabulary PackageRelated Money-Saving Bundles:Annual Printables Fun load for
Check the end my other DISNEY motivated LITERACY CENTERSDear Educator,Thank you for purchasing the Mickey mouse Christmas proficiency Centers package. This package functions 10 centers and also is a an excellent way to work-related on essential skills in a very fun and also inviting way.The activities included are:- Adjectives:
This is a bundle of 8 of mine No publish resources which are interactive activities that targets ours student’s capacity to price yes/no, who, what, where, when, and why questions and also identify actions. There are 60 what, 60 where, and 60 as soon as , 40 who, and 40 why inquiries with three selections for answers.
This is a bundle of 7 of my No publish resources which room interactive activities that targets our student’s ability to prize yes/no, who, what, where, when, and also why questions and also identify actions. There room 60 what, 60 where, and 60 when , 40 who, and 40 why questions with three choices for answers.

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This is a bundle of my No print resources which space interactive tasks that targets ours student’s capability to prize yes/no, who, what, where, and also when questions and also identify common actions. There space 60 what, 60 where, and 60 when questions and also 40 who inquiries with three choices for answers. Th
Using the publications by Laura Numeroff, like If You offer a computer mouse a Cookie, student will usage the graphic organizers for 3 stories to pinpoint the cause-effect partnership (often an if-then statement.) There are a couple of coloring activities and some more writing activities too.
Students have the right to practice number identification and also counting an abilities while coloring number to reveal a snapshot of a coco chip cookie! There space two snapshot options in this resource: a huge chocolate chip cookie alone and also a smaller cookie with a glass of milk. Over there are also two task options because that
Join Ruth on her winter time adventures! From structure a snowman, to play on the snow hill, Christmas tree shopping, a Hanukkah party, a Kwanza party, a Los Posadas Party, baking cookies and also finally celebrating the new Year!Included in this resource:-Listening Story about Ruth's Winter Adventures

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