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If ns were a boyEven simply for a dayI'd role out that bed in the morningAnd throw on what I wanted then goDrink beer through the guysAnd follow after girlsI'd kick it v who i wantedAnd I'd never ever get challenged for it'Cause they'd rod up for meIf i were a boyI think I could understandHow the feels come love a girlI oath I'd it is in a better manI'd listen to her'Cause ns know exactly how it hurtsWhen you shed the one girlfriend wanted'Cause he's taken you for grantedAnd every little thing you had gained destroyedIf you wеre a boyThen, girl, you'd understandYou should stop listеnin' to your friendsLove, respect, and also trust your manSo i go come clubs v the guysAnd periodically flirt with the girlsI should have the ability to roll outAs lengthy as I'm comin' home to youAnd offer you the world
But you're not a boySo girlfriend don't have a clue, babeHow i work and pay the billsHow whatever I do is for youHey, heyI'd hear to her'Cause i know just how it hurtsWhen you lose the one friend wanted'Cause he's bring away you because that grantedAnd whatever you had got destroyedIf ns were a boy (If ns were a girl)I would turn off mine phone (I wouldn't beat games)Tell anyone it's brokenSo they'd think that ns was resting alone(Girl, you know that's wrong)I'd placed myself firstAnd make the rules as I go'Cause I know that she'd be faithfulWaiting for me to come home, to come homeBut you're not a boySo friend can't understandYou are not a perfect womanAnd ns am no a perfect man

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I'd listen to her'Cause i know how it damages (And ns know how you feel)When you shed the one friend wanted'Cause he's taken you for grantedAnd everything you had got damaged (Said I'm sorry)It's a small too late because that you to come backBut ns can't let you go, 'cause I'm too attachedIf you believed I would wait for youYou thought wrongBut you're just a boy