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"Apeman" is a 1970 track by the English rock tape The Kinks. It was created by beam Davies and appears ~ above the album Lola matches Powerman and the Moneygoround, component One. In the song, Davies is fed up v the modern world and declares the he desires to "sail away to a far-off shore and also make like an apeman". He also expresses exactly how man created our difficulties and, given half a chance, he would leave the cities and traffic come live in the jungle. It mirrors the nostalgia express on the albums Lola vs. Powerman and also The Kinks space the village Green preservation Society.more »

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I think I"m innovative "cause I"m life my lifeLike a an excellent homo sapiensBut all roughly me everybody"s multiplyingAnd they"re go round choose flies manSo I"m no far better than the animals sittingIn the cages in the zoo, man"Cause compared to the flowers and also the birds and the treesI am an apemanI think I"m therefore educated and I"m so civilized"Cause I"m a strict vegetarianBut through the over-population and also inflation and also starvationAnd the crazy politiciansI don"t feel safe in this people no moreI don"t want to dice in a atom warI desire to sail away to a far-off shore and make choose an apemanI"m an apeman, I"m one ape, apeman, five I"m an apemanI"m a King Kong man, I"m a voodoo man, five I"m one apeman"Cause contrasted to the sunlight that sit in the skyCompared come the clouds as they roll byCompared to the bugs and the spiders and also flies ns am an apemanIn man"s advancement he"s produced the city and the motor traffic rumbleBut provide me fifty percent a chance and also I"d be taking off mine clothesAnd living in the jungle"Cause the just time that ns feel at easeIs swinging up and down in a coconut treeOh what a life of high-end to be choose an apemanI"m one apeman, I"m one ape, apeman, five I"m one apemanI"m a King Kong man, I"m a voodoo man, five I"m an apemanI look out the home window but i can"t watch the skyThe air pollution is a-fogging up my eyesI desire to get out of this city alive and make choose an apemanOh come on and also love me, be my apeman girlAnd we"ll it is in so happy in my apeman worldI"m one apeman, I"m an ape, apeman, oh I"m an apemanI"m a King Kong man, I"m a voodoo man, oh I"m one apemanI"ll be your Tarzan, you"ll it is in my JaneI"ll store you warm and you"ll keep me saneWe"ll sit in the trees and also eat bananas all day, similar to an apemanI"m one apeman, I"m one ape, apeman, five I"m one apemanI"m a King Kong man, I"m a voodoo man, oh I"m one apemanI don"t feeling safe in this world no moreI don"t want to die in a atom warI want to sail far to a distant shore and make favor an apeman

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The Kinks The Kinks to be an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, phibìc London, by brothers Ray and also Dave Davies in 1964. Categorised in the United claims as a British invasion band, the Kinks room recognised as one of the most important and also influential rock groups of the era. Their music was influenced by a wide range of genres, including rhythm and blues, british music hall, folk and country. Ray Davies (lead vocals, valuation guitar) and Dave Davies (lead guitar, vocals) continued to be members throughout the group"s 32-year run. Initial members Pete Quaife (bass guitar, vocals) and also Mick Avory (drums and also percussion) were changed by man Dalton in 1969 and also Bob Henrit in 1984, respectively. Dalton was subsequently replaced through Jim Rodford in 1978. Keyboardist Nicky Hopkins accomp… an ext »

Written by: ray DAVIES