I check out this comment from oulipian top top the Blue and did a rapid web find for other "my eyes rolled so hard" moment on ugandan-news.com. Perform within. Share your own!
I guess i shouldn"t have read the article, because I gained to the component where it states "...before landing at Nori, a company addressing climate readjust with blockchain" and my eye rolled so difficult they gone beyond the yearly energy intake of number of European countries- oulipianI hope this look at OK, because my eye rolled so hard they fell out and also I can"t view what I"m typing.

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- dirigiblemanMy eye rolled so quickly that they went back in time to yesterday and now everything I"m seeing is 24 hours out the sync, send help- duffell (Yeah that"s me, prevent rolling your eyes)I would have actually read the rest of the article, however my eyes rolled so hard at the first sentence the they fell right out of mine sockets and also rolled under the couch.- Spatch My eyes rolled so much back, I might see the within of mine skull.- Smilla"s feeling of Snarkmy eyes rolled so difficult they fell out and also rolled far under the sofa- pseudostrabismusmy eyes rolled so difficult I witnessed my strength animal.- palomarMy eyes rolled so tough when ns learned that Anakin was building C-3PO that i spent enough time looking for them in the theatre after the movie to be over the ushers kicked me out.- hippybearGreat, my eyes rolled so difficult that they"re stuck in the increase position and also I look choose a jackass trying to form this.

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- indubitable My eyes rolled so hard I detached a retina.- markrmy eyes rolled so tough I might have sprained something- LastOfHisKind
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Ooh, i love these. I commonly use "my eye rolled so tough I gave myself a migraine" or "they fell out" or "they obtained stuck the way" and now I"m feeling creatively deficient. I"ll need to step up my eyeroll game.posted by potrzebie in ~ 10:43 pm on may 2, 2019 <2 favorites>
When I review the headline and preview that this write-up in my rss leader I thought you were calling the end someone"s comment for something shitty and that the mods to be gonna "have a day" and also I rolling my eye so difficult my ears farted.Then i clicked and also read and totally support this kind of behavior.posted through chasles in ~ 4:40 to be on may 3, 2019 <23 favorites>
I watched Terminator Genisys end the weekend and also after around 2 minutes of the time-line stuff, I simply rolled mine eyes and stopped caring.–Fizzposted by Fizz in ~ 7:01 to be on might 3, 2019 <1 favorite>
I favor to speak “If you find some eyeballs rolling approximately on the floor near you, allow me know; mine dropped out native rolling them also hard.”I likewise use “I rolling my eyes so difficult I now have vertigo.”posted through sockermom in ~ 9:13 to be on might 3, 2019 <2 favorites>
Pro tip: if you roll your eyes at exactly 23.976 changes per second, on video they show up to be perfectly stillposted through oulipian at 9:37 am on might 3, 2019 <7 favorites>
I speak ‘if I role my eyes any type of harder I’ll be staring in ~ my own *brain*...’posted through ersatzkat at 9:59 to be on might 3, 2019
my eyes rolled so difficult they fell out and rolled away under the sofa- pseudostrabismusEye-ponisterical.posted through mandolin conspiracy at 10:14 am on may 3, 2019 <8 favorites>
I deserve to put up through some poor writing in a mystery novel, but was beat by the very first book in the Frey and also McGray series when I got to this sentence:His eyes immediately fell on the violin case, like peas rolling to the bottom the a bowl.Ever because then, I"ve noticed that characters who roll their eyes at each other is a authorize that a book isn"t going to be an extremely good.posted by betweenthebars in ~ 10:28 am on may 3, 2019 <2 favorites>
I often tend to go v "full-body eye-roll," favor "*insert full-body eye-roll here*" or "that was so stupid I simply suffered native a full-body eye-roll"posted by Eyebrows McGee (staff) at 10:55 am on might 3, 2019 <2 favorites>
My ayes rolling so hard they ended up being nays.posted through It"s rain Florence Henderson at 11:14 to be on may 3, 2019 <19 favorites>
I am positive that I have said part variation ~ above "I rolling my eyes best out of mine head and now they room under the couch help" on this really site.posted through sarcasticah at 12:28 pm on might 3, 2019 <1 favorite>
I used to it is in on a plank (what up, Kvetchers!) on which the eye-roll emoji had been misinterpreted so many times the we added the initialism SDER: self-directed eye-roll. It stays on in plenty of of the friendships that started there!posted by chesty_a_arthur at 1:11 pm on might 3, 2019 <1 favorite>
I simply went come the eye doctor and also found out I have "lattice degeneration" from myopia which has a (slightly) boosted risk that retinal losing so currently I am paranoid about rolling my eyes also much. Roll your un-stretched retinal nerves while ye may, Mefites.*I"m largely kidding there is no real proof that moving your eyes too much affects the nerves.posted by nakedmolerats in ~ 1:52 pm on may 3, 2019 <1 favorite>
I"ve never ever hit on one eye roll saying I favored in the warm of the moment.Though, recently, ns did usage it like, "rolling my eyes to death". I liked that because it"s saying i will damages your eye from roll them therefore much, but there"s additionally a zero of the reading that it will be fatal to me which ns think is a pretty emphasis.posted through fleacircus at 2:56 afternoon on may 3, 2019
I rolling my eye so tough they stated "Reply hazy, shot again."posted through Corvid at 4:32 afternoon on may 3, 2019 <10 favorites>
My eyes rolled so difficult they were developed into a renowned serious that ensemble action films.posted through lucidium at 4:06 afternoon on may 4, 2019
Somebody as soon as told me mine eyes are gonna role meposted by moonmilk in ~ 9:13 to be on may 5, 2019 <4 favorites>
My eye rolled so tough the dealer referred to as it a hardway seven.posted by nickmark in ~ 8:14 am on might 6, 2019
"Nearly sprained my eyes.""Like to broke my eye a-rollin" "em."posted through aspersioncast at 5:00 am on might 9, 2019 <1 favorite>
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