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"I Only have Eyes because that You" is a romantic love tune by composer take care of Warren and lyricist Al Dubin, written for the movie Dames (1934) where it was presented by dick Powell and also Ruby Keeler. The tune is a jazz standard, and also has been covered by numerous musicians. Successful recordings the the song have been do by Ben Selvin (in 1934), Peggy Lee (in 1947), The Lettermen (in 1966), arts Garfunkel (in 1975), The Three levels (in 1982), and also Rod Stewart (in 2003), among others. Perhaps the ideal known and most acclaimed variation is the "otherworldly" 1959 record by doo-wop artists The Flamingos, which to be inducted into the Grammy room of call in 2003, and listed as #157 in Rolling rock magazine"s "500 biggest Songs of every Time (2004). "more »

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My love have to be a sort of remote loveI can"t watch anyone yet youSha bop sha bopAre the stars out tonightI don"t understand if it"s cloudy or brightI only have actually eyes because that you dearThe moon might be highBut ns can"t view a thing in the skyI only have actually eyes for youI don"t know if we"re in a gardenOr ~ above a crowded avenueYou are here and also so to be IMaybe millions of people go byBut they every disappear from viewAnd i only have eyes because that you

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dick Powell Richard Ewing "Dick" Powell (November 14, 1904 – January 2, 1963) to be an American singer, actor, producer, director and also studio boss. Though he concerned stardom together a music comedy performer, he effectively transformed right into a hardbitten leading guy of darker projects. An ext »

Written by: Al Dubin, take care of Warren

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