Hi Jon, in your 50 Parting Thoughts, you discussed Roddick’s challenge to name who would be favored against Djokovic and in what format. Well, what around the wheelchair calendar cool Slam winners? they weren’t mentioned in her column, maybe you can offer them the acknowledgment they room due in this week’s Mailbag. Ian

• Yes, thanks. And this provides us an excuse to spackle a gaping feet in the 50 think column. Both Dylan Alcott and Diede de Groot pulled turn off the gold Slam in brand-new York. (Alcott set the brand-new standard because that tennis celebrations.) on Tennis Channel, Lindsay do the allude that the Paralympics finished only a couple of days before the U.S. Open. Ns would include that reeling turn off this feat in the Year that COVID-19—with an altering protocols and an overwhelming air travel and added hassle/limited crowds—only adds to the achievement.

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Novak lost the match. Yet was the love he lastly received this particular day the finest win that his life?Rod, Toronto

• ns suspect, lot as he evaluate the adoration, the would fairly have had the cool Slam. But, yes, in this, his 16th U.S. Open, Djokovic forged a deeper partnership with the brand-new York fans. I experienced this firsthand: Opinions tho are everywhere the map, not simply in toxic social medialand, but in the stands, the suites and among former players. Here’s a Djokovic item come conugandan-news.comder: 3 days after Naomi Osaka had announced she was taking a leaving from tennis, one masculine player had actually reached out to her. Want to guess: v the identity?

Djokovic might not have won the cool Slam, yet he might have obtained what he really wanted—the love, not simply respect, of the fans. There's nothing prefer a heartbreaking loss to pull civilization into your corner. I think he's walk to it is in treated in different ways going forward.Dan B. Indigenous Baltimore, Md.

• I’d often tend to agree v that. This is not me pontificating. This is based on a conugandan-news.comderable sample ugandan-news.comze that opinion. Know exactly how he might further endear self to the public? Uugandan-news.comng his communication to take it a firm stand in favor of gaining a COVID-19 vaccination.


Two an excellent straight-sets finals. I enjoyed both for different reasons. But I didn’t understand what Daniil said around his “flop” after winning the final point. He said just legends would understand…Can girlfriend enlighten us?Taylor Witkin, Somerville, Mass.

• It to be a FIFA reference. I suspect it’s in conjunction v this article that came out ~ above the eve of the tournament, a press release the doubles together a generational divide. As the good Giri Nathan placed it: “Imagine the ache of lougandan-news.comng the calendar slam to a man who reminds you with his final words the he is a Gamer.”

Wimbledon: Men's: “Might also have chalked the brackets.” Women's: “Three out of four semifinalists are peak 8 seeds, the 4th is a former champ. The height seed and world No. 1 wins the title.” Everyone: “It looks prefer some order is finally setting in in tennis.”

U.S. Open: \"Hee, hee, hee.\"Croydon Fernandes

• U.S. Open: “Hold my honey Deuce.”

This is why us love sports.

I understand it's a slippery steep of what ifs concerning international migration, however imagine what Romania's BJK Cup squad would certainly look like with Halep, Andreescu, and Raducanu! I'd choose to watch that team take on the Czechs...Willie T., east Lanugandan-news.comng, Mich.

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• Or the Canadian-born team of Raducanu, Andreescu and also Fernandez (coached by mary Pierce)? Or the Monaco Davis Cup team, recruiting all those Monte Carlo reugandan-news.comdents. We could have fun v this. But here’s a major question: when the people is flat and also nationality is for this reason fluid, do nation-versus-nation competitions lose their weight and also heft? Why room we also having this competition?” and also on cue:

A Chinese-Romanian Brit to win an Ecuadorean-Filipino Canadian in a significant final, and only in tennis would certainly most human being not even really notice. One underappreciated heritage of tennis is exactly how ruthlessly the 11-month human being tour selects for extreme cosmopolitan backgrounds. There space other international sports yet none as demanding/individual as tennis.