The 2017 ugandan-news.comRadio Music Festival has lastly arrived! This weekend, ~ above September 22nd and 23rd, ugandan-news.comRadio an all-star lineup is invading las Vegas in ~ the T-Mobile Arena, as well as on Saturday, the 23rd during the day at the Daytime village presented through Capitol One.

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This year"s festival will once again develop music history with some never-before-seen collaborations, amazing performances. And if you can"t it is in in las Vegas to experience the magic occur in person, we"ve got you extended with a complimentary live stream. How have the right to you watch? How have the right to you listen? How deserve to you join the conversation online? that is acquisition the stage? examine out every little thing you should know about this year"s ugandan-news.comRadio Music Festival below.

The Lineup Night 1 - September 22nd:

Coldplay, The Weekend, kris Stapleton, P!nk, Thirty secs to Mars, David Guetta, bother Styles, and also featuring Macy"s ugandan-news.comRadio increasing Star James Maslow

The Lineup Night 2 - September 23rd:

DJ Khaled, Miley Cyrus, monarchs of Leon, large Sean, Lorde, Niall Horan, thomas Rhett, and also Kesha



The Daytime village Lineup (September 23rd):

Migos, Halsey, Flume, tiny Mix, French Montana, Niall Horan, Bleachers, Kelsea Ballerini, Judah & the Lion, Bebe Rexha, noah Cyrus, Hey Violet, Cheat Codes, all Time Low, Khalid, Julia Michaels


How come Watch:

Fans have the right to watch every one of the exceptional performances live transparent the weekend, top top Friday and also Saturday night, and also during the Daytime village (for the very first time ever!), through tuning in to a complimentary livestream onCWTV.comand/or The CW app.

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LIVE stream TIMES:

T-Mobile Arena | Friday Night, September 22nd & Saturday Night, September 23rd: 7pm PT/10pm ETDaytime village | Saturday, September 23rd: 11am PT/2pm ET

Relive the weekend throughout a unique two-night tv special ~ above The CW, featuring the best moments from the weekend on Wednesday, October 4 and Thursday, October 5 native 8 p.m.–10 p.m. ET/PT.


How to Listen:

The festival will certainly be broadcast throughout the weekend top top ugandan-news.comMedia radio stations throughout the country, as well as via theugandan-news.comRadio Music Festival stationon or the ugandan-news.comRadio app.