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Sometimes the path to our desires seems prefer an difficult journey, one that takes forever to travel, and also has a million and also one obstacles was standing in our way. What's worse than feeling choose your dreams are unreachable? Maybe, acquiring lost or sidetracked along the journey, be it her heart or feet that get sidetracked. "Counting stars" describes how addictions can obtain the much better of someone, sinking your life in a river full of fail hopes and also dreams.

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"Counting stars" featured on native album


As some rumors might suggest, OneRepublic could have to plan "Counting stars" to describe a couple struggling no hope to make it through or to remain financially afloat. It's true the "Counting stars" might describe a man's desire to provide for his love, achieve all his an individual goals/dreams, and attain enough riches to have the ability to relax and also "count stars," rather of struggling come thrive. However, it's an ext probable that "Counting stars" describes an addicts battle with medicine abuse, failing to quit his usage of such substances because that his loved one, and also chasing his loved one away, as a result of his failure. "Counting stars" is a song about promises of better things come come, whether acquiring wealth or ceasing to usage drugs. However, the loss of sleep explained by OneRepublic in this song, infers the all those guarantees are no being kept or fulfilled; either poor thoughts around failing to administer or failing to avoid abusing drugs for his far-ranging other are maintaining this character awake at night. Maintaining these argued themes in mind, the text of "Counting stars" imply an underlying layout of disappointment, failure, and even regret. It's possible that "Counting stars" is the individual's method of describing coming to grips through the grim reality of his situation: a drug addiction (separating lock from their loved one) or poverty (making them feel favor an unfit provider for their loved one).

As anyone can understand, a battle to thrive, whether financially, mentally, physically, or emotionally, is never a dream come true.

Analyzing the track for the services of the music itself

"Lately ns been, ns been shedding sleep, dreaming around the points that we could be" certainly says that all. The individual that "Counting stars" explains is torn up around not gift able to acquire his purposes in life and also not being able to store his promises to his loved one. Hence, "Counting stars's" referral to praying tough for desires of wealth or quitting the intake of medicine to come true. "Counting stars" is about longing to have a far better life, but knowing any type of attempts to readjust one's life would certainly be in vain. Return their may be numerous interpretations that "Counting stars, lyrics prefer "make the money, watch it burn, sink in the river the lesson's i learned," "Counting stars" suggests that OneRepublic to be trying to describe the life of an addict who is torn between his only love and also his favorite drug(s).

The lyrics "In my confront is flashing signs, seek it out and ye shall find," suggests that the human being struggling believes that there are evident signs the their medicine addiction is harmful and the indications that they should stop space everywhere, but the separation, personal, instance is unable/refuses to view the noticeable signs. The melancholy melody that the song's development suggests the person's disappointment v the grim direction of your life. "Said no an ext counting dollars, we'll it is in counting stars," says the yet-to-obtain promise that one day the individual will avoid his addictions to reclaim the trust of his loved one. This concept of fail to keep assures is additionally highlighted v the text "hope is a four letter word, make that money, clock it burn," which clues towards the reality that both members that the party space well aware that they deserve to only hope for readjust in vain. Again, this lyrics build credibility that the tune is about finding an chance to discover one's dreams, and in this instance the dream is to do a positive readjust for one's self and also one's love.

"I feeling something for this reason right, doing the wrong thing," and also "I feel something for this reason wrong, act the right thing," says that the separation, personal, instance knows that their action will ultimately have harsh results to deal with, however they room unable come quench their addiction. "I can lie, could lie, could lie, everything that death me makes me feel alive," ideas at the idea the the separation, personal, instance is do the efforts to justify their battle with drugs, by using "coming clean" with their loved one and also admitting to your addiction together an excuse come continue. Likewise, "And i don't think the civilization is sold, on simply doing what we're told" is likewise an pardon to proceed the usage of drugs; basically, this lyric proposes the "everyone else is doing it" excuse together a justification to perform it too. Both the these lyrics highlight the individual's struggle, together an addiction has actually the capability to bring out the worst qualities in a person, even if the worst was never ever the individual's intention. Perhaps, the individual has been hiding the method they feel from their loved one because that a very long time, as they struggled through trying to dominate their addictions in silence, and also only now has actually the individual lastly sought an external force because that intervention.

Considering these lyrics, although the song defines the individual's desire come quit drugs, the melancholy lyrics of "Counting stars" suggest that the individual could have lost hope or vision of them. Hence, the "I been prayin' hard" lyric reference, i m sorry is just an expression for "I desperately require help." an addiction deserve to consume someone, leading to them come count the end every disagreement they need to their surname to feeding the addiction, only to boost the desire for an eternal supply. Unfortunately, much more often 보다 not, once an addict, always an addict. Together a result, addictions usually speak to for a direct intervention from an external resource to suffocate the madness, as suggested by the lyrics of "Counting stars," which describes a desperate cry for assist with a long-time struggle. In other words, sometimes, when you're knee-deep in failure and consequences, the only one that can save you is who else.

"Counting stars" official lyrics

Lately i been, i been losing sleep Dreaming around the points that we can be yet baby ns been, ns been prayin' tough Said no much more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Yeah, we'll it is in counting stars I see this life choose a swinging vine Swing my heart throughout the heat In my challenge is flashing indications Seek it out and ye shall discover Old, however I'm not that old Young, yet I'm no that bold and I don't think the human being is offered I'm simply doing what we're told i feel something so right Doing the wrong thing I feel something so wrong act the appropriate thing I might lie, could lie, could lie everything that death me provides me feeling alive Lately i been, ns been shedding sleep Dreaming around the things that we might be Baby i been, i been prayin' difficult Said no an ext counting dollars We'll be counting stars Lately ns been, i been losing sleep Dreaming around the points that we might be Baby ns been, i been prayin' difficult Said no much more counting dollars We'll be, we'll it is in counting stars ns feel the love and I feel it burn under this flow every rotate Hope is a four letter word Make that money watch it burn Old, but I'm not that old Young, however I'm not that bold and I don't think the human being is offered I'm simply doing what we're told and I feel something for this reason wrong doing the ideal thing I might lie, might lie, could lie whatever that downs me makes me wanna fly Lately ns been, ns been losing sleep Dreaming about the points that we might be Baby i been, ns been prayin' tough Said no more counting dollars We'll it is in counting stars Lately ns been, ns been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we can be Baby ns been, i been prayin' hard Said no much more counting dollars We'll be, we'll it is in counting stars Take that money clock it burn Sink in the flow The lessons ns learned every little thing that kills me provides me feeling alive Lately i been, ns been shedding sleep Dreaming about the things that we can be Baby i been, ns been prayin' difficult Said no much more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Lately ns been, i been losing sleep Dreaming around the things that we might be Baby ns been, ns been prayin' hard Said no an ext counting dollars We'll be, we'll be counting stars Take that money clock it burn Sink in the river The lessons ns learned



Oof on may 11, 2020:

I love this song, it’s amazing.

Yeet man on respectable 24, 2019:

Hello ns am law this tune for one english assignment is this a an excellent website

Taylor on in march 14, 2019:

i love count stars through them

Songwriter Love on September 28, 2018:

It feels prefer the counting stars is not the struggle. They are secure for this reason they have the right to enjoy life and also the bigger function they feeling their part. Money is not an issue. It is a clean confession that they excellent something dorn to gain this happiness however it felt for this reason right due to the fact that they don't have to struggle. They have the right to keep your minds on simple things favor each other. That the civilization is their own and material things is no a dream it's an everyday thing that currently they take for granted. Because how they accomplish the money to be sinner the great to other not to it is in greed over money. Take that money watch it burn cause they're spending the fast but they can be losing their soul. The whole people is not offered on loads of money yet the civilization forces us to need money for everything. Friend don't want a many to go to hell or bring about sin. They execute need sufficient to live comfortably.

RoyalMount top top June 28, 2018:

You have to understand his background to recognize the song. He flourished up in the church.

Counting Stars is a straight reference to Abraham, that laid awake in ~ night counting... Stars. The symbolism in this tune and video clip is an extremely specific, and very direct.

The song also directly parallels Romans 7... I don't perform the points I must do, and also I discover myself wanting to carry out the poor things I understand shouldn't do.Still, I battle the feelings within me to shot to do the good things i should, and there is a battle inside my body to discern what's yes, really right. All the while, the adversary is prowling around, ready to cheat you.

The tune is about not placing your belief in the things of the world - money, but putting your belief in the guarantees of God (the story of Abraham, counting the stars , and also the struggle to save God's laws, which is our side of partnering through God and his promises....

Gypsytorah on July 20, 2017:

There is no critical meaning, other than what resonates within each individual and their experiences v the world. That's the wonder and beauty of music, city -- ART. Just how someone interprets their own emotional worlds is a spatu reality. Asking united state to dive right into our emotions and also seek fluidity, healing and also cleansing is "primitive" in person conditioning.

NoOne on august 16, 2016:

I think the true definition of the tune is come poke fun at a young woman that is one aspiring writer who obtained roofied and as the guy who roofied she is waiting for her to loose awareness that what is going on roughly her for this reason he have the right to take she somewhere and assault her, she beginning spewing every one of the really creative and random ideas she has had for books and also movies. He and his rich buddies invest the next nearly decade making funny of she publicly and reminding she of that awful night by making use of her concepts to acquire richer turn off of therefore she can't also listen to the radio or watch TV there is no something that was take away from her being shoved in her face. He obtained away with raping she by declare she was a drug addict. Just my opinion.

Lucy ~ above June 16, 2016:

Ryan tedder the man that composed this song with his own words during an interview claimed that his songs for one republic had Christian belief meaning. He stated he copied u2. I guess the writer of ut to be Christian too. However anyway the alligator to represent Satan the the bible. The only thing I obtained wrong in last paragraph was count stars which represents wrongs and rights. But this song is a secular song with a hidden allegory meaning about his belief as a Christian and that come out the the songwriters mouth throughout an interview. This is not my opinion.

Lucy ~ above June 14, 2016:

I am a Christian, and so is the male that composed this song. That was increased in a Christian church. So ns know precisely what he is saying. That is one allegory. Usually what that is saying is we are all are adhering to the herd. We are affected by the media,society,rumors.(I'm simply doing what I'm told) influenced by wealth and keeping up through the jones(Take the money and also watch the burn) love and hope is a 4 letter word(Mankind is much more important then wealth) doing the right thing feels best doing the wrongthing feels right(When the tries to carry out right, he's chastised by culture and societys beliefs)Seek and also you candlestick find(Jesus actually claimed this. Basically what it means-Seek and also you shall find. Look for out whats really true don't follow the herd or society. Signs prior to his face(Christians carry out not see with their eyes however by faith. I see indicators too. Sink in the river the lessons to be learned(Listen to your parents, grandparents, the scriptures that you to be taught, hear to the wise lessons you to be taught all your life) count stars (Blessings. Joseph in the holy bible saw stars in dreams) life prefer a swinging vine swing my heart throughout the line(Basically the vine symbolizes religion,Church, beliefs(basically his love is forced to think like everyone elses. It swings across the line. Basically he can't think in God. His heart crosses the line with how he really feels). What kills me renders me feel alive(When he chooses to go versus the herd. He it s okay chastised but he trust what he's claimed to so that brings salvation)What drowns him renders him desire to fly(Everything in this human being that suffocates him provides him want to it is in lifted as much as a greater level or soar). If you see the churchlike setting the guy has a crate in his hand. That's not a holy bible its a box. For this reason it's absolutely not a Christian setting. Yet its practically Pentecostal. Basically what the is saying is heretical beliefs that influence people. The alligator symbolized the devil. In the bible. The adversary is seen as the dragon, snake, serpent,

Johnny Boy on July 22, 2015:

Old, however not that old, young however not that bold, yup, middle age- generally mid/late 30's come the 60's (ie 40's and 50's or close to it), thinking about lessons learned "losing sleep dreaming around the things we could be", "no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars"- dreams, dreams not fulfilled younger in life, i m sorry is why approaching center age, realizing just how they were in life, feel so not correct doing the ideal thing, but it's not having fun earlier, and how different life would certainly be had actually they to be that method younger.

Danny Cabaniss native Shawnee, Oklahoma ~ above July 20, 2015:

Brilliant writing! i am a high college English teacher who provides music videos just about every job of class. My colleague and also I have used this song and compared v The roadway Not taken by Robert Frost. You provided me an ext food for thought. Thank you therefore much!

Rongsen on in march 27, 2015:

Ryan is an tremendous writer.His songs can be take away from many different perspective. So it counts on how you're inspired! ;-)

Mrzebra on march 22, 2015:

if you take the song litterally....he does desire a much better world but not one because that us...for the illuminati......there is a depopulation agenda together in illuminati cards..... Flashing eye, fingers and also triangles much more counting dollars...literal death of the dollar....doing what we're told..we're being the mystery illuminati falling with floor alligators --illuminati map game...the card is tape operation out.....sadly it's a catchy song but i have actually a negative feeling count stars has actually something to perform with a permanent sleep

gdfgdf on march 22, 2015:


monfi ~ above September 17, 2014:

song gooooooooooooooooooooood

ismaila ~ above September 17, 2014:

song gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood

finxist on may 25, 2014:

I think this track is around a man who is making ways to make their (his and his wife’s) lives far better or happier yet then he it s okay sidetracked in making use of drugs. One can focus much more on the financial battles or on medicine addiction but I’d just like to analyze it together it is.

Let’s not overanalyze and just hear to the words.

“Lately ns been, ns been losing sleep,

Dreaming around the points that we can be.”

~Motivated by your dream, to it is in rich, to have actually a much better life, or simply to it is in happy, he worked so hard to the point of losing sleep however it’s still not enough

“But baby i been, ns been praying' hard.

~He is accurate praying hard, together a result of desperation due to the fact that overworking is no enough, so the they will certainly be in a suggest where lock don’t must worry about money (debts, expenses, bills, etc)

“We'll it is in counting stars.

Yeah, we'll it is in counting stars”

~This is choose an affirmation or the stating it together a truth that castle will absolutely have a far better life.

“I check out this life

Like a swinging vine.”

~One need to push himself up in order to swing a vine. So just like life, once you’re down you should make an initiative to press yourself up. However, words “swinging” means that there’s always adjust in ours life. We can be happy/rich/high at one time or sad/poor/down the next time.

“Swing mine heart across the line

In my faces flashing signs

Seek it out and also ye shall find”

~Make me feel like I have something to be happy for. Good things occur to me too. Ns just need to know wherein to look and I’ll discover it (refers come the things that make him happy).

Young, yet I'm not that bold”

~I have aged however I’m not weak or senile. I’m quiet young, though, I’m no confident/aggressive/bold.

“And i don't think the people is sold.

I'm just doing what we're told”

~The word “sold” indicates something is bought. Hence, he claims not whatever (like happiness) deserve to be bought. But on the 2nd line, “I’m simply doing what we’re told” means he has bought or offered something (like drugs)that makes him suffer a glimpse the happiness and also happiness is something that strives for to achieve.

“I, feel something therefore right

But doing the not correct thing

I, feeling something so wrong

But act the appropriate thing”

~Using drugs provides him a taste of finish happiness therefore he feeling it’s right but in the eyes of other human being (the norms) it’s considered wrong.

“I could lie, could lie, might lie”

“Everything the kills me provides me feeling alive”

~He is confused about it, thinking how have the right to something (drugs) destroy him when it renders him feel better.

“I feeling the love

And ns feel the burn”

“Down this flow every turn

Hope is a four letter word”

~People that love him display their concern, perhaps urging him to protect against using drugs however then “down this river every turn”-may median that almost everyone in that area where he stays are using drugs. And hope is the only thing they might easily do.

“Make the money

Watch the burn”

~He may mean that civilization work so tough for money however it can just conveniently be spent.

Everything the drowns me renders me wanna fly

“Everything that stresses him, hinders that or binding him (like laws, rules, obligations or the duty to fulfil a promise of do a better life because that him and his wife) just makes him want to break free.

“Take that money and also watch that burn

Sink in the flow the lessons ns learned”

~rephrase: The lessons i learned sink in the river. He has actually ignored whatever it is that civilization had called him, or he has actually not learned from any kind of lesson in using drugs since he doesn’t consider it as a mistake.

HA on may 06, 2014:

ths is mine favourite song reason it is mine favourite band.

Benny Hinn on might 03, 2014:

I certainly think there are addictive insuinuations in this video. However, I think that the definition of this video is delusion. Particularly the center aged human at the very least in this video. The song have the right to be taken many ways.

If girlfriend look at the paper definition of the video, that is set in a "faith healer" type of setting. The thing around faith healers is that they provide you hope once you have actually none, in exchange because that reality. Hence, delusion as blissful, addicting, and enticing that is (similar to a drug).

The person the song represents, is probably

1. Top top the bad side thus, "count dollars". Think penny pinch and worry about each dollar.

2. Middle aged. "Old, but not that old, Young yet not that bold". Teens and young adults are typically bold, since they have much more life ahead of them. Middle aged space old, however not the old.

3. The human being did not perform well in life. Thus "dreaming of every the points that we deserve to be"

4. The human being is in a middle aged rut. "Lately I've been...praying hard/losing sleep" Thinks/hopes/prays that they can acquire out of this rut. Lock aren't seek a "realistic" measure, yet a desperate flail at life.

5. "Sink in the flow the great I've learned" i m sorry basically way that lock are offering up your wisdom, experience, money and also knowledge for a "quick fix" that the faith healer can offer them.

Thus, they market their logic and attend an inspirational belief healing session. Whatever is fun, they space forgetting us (this is similar to a medicine high, for every those the say this is about drugs) and they are ending up being empowered. However, at the finish of the song, fact hits, and also after they've "burned" all their money and also logic, reality collapses in ~ above them. The man literally falls through a hole.

I think the alligator is over there to stand for the reptilian brain, but I"m not sure. Reptilian mind can it is in compulsive and I believe its main attribute is to safeguard you, yet it have the right to be "wrong". Such as when you see a hose and also think the is a snake. Thus, delusion.

Kc ~ above April 28, 2014:

Sounds to me like he has sold his soul to the devil and also now he's on top , no more counting dollars now they are counting stars. The struggle to to be a star but if you don't market your heart you room no one in the music industry. He knows is wrong yet it feeling right. The the price famous human being have to payment to it is in rich and famous. They come to be puppets.

Edgar on march 19, 2014:

This song has been a reminder for me that a difficult time I have been walk through. I've to be stagnant in mine life and my goals and this song reminds me that what can be and also to let go of what can seem 'right' and do the 'wrong' thing. I watch the definition of the track as intended... However I likewise know what it method to me.

Luciana on march 13, 2014:

Well, the truth is the the song's lyrics has actually a the majority of meanings, it depends on the person, every one choose its meaning because you can to transform the native in one more one, adapt it to the context and be metaphoric, i stated before, the lyrics depends on each one.

anon on in march 10, 2014:

I agree through Void top top this one. "I don't think the civilization is sold, I'm simply doin' what we're told," sounds to me favor someone hoping that the world can be a better place underneath all the crap that social norms have forced upon it. "I feel something so right doing the not correct thing, i feel something therefore wrong law the ideal thing," sounds prefer a person struggling with how what the people says is 'right' always seems prefer the 'wrong' thing to do. Climate again, everyone have the right to have their own interpretation, and that's among the things I love around music in general.

For me is Anarchism song!

"Take that money

Watch that burn

Sink in the river

The lessons i learned"

World there is no money

"I feel something therefore right

Doing the dorn thing

I feel something for this reason wrong

Doing the best thing"

a fight versus the social norms

anonymous on in march 03, 2014:

i love this song

Devon ~ above January 29, 2014:

Love dis song

christina top top January 17, 2014:

I i think this song means there's a guy in love with a woman yet he's married and when he's v her the feels so ideal doing the wrong thing. He's a man of God so he can't leaving his wife so continuing to be feels therefore wrong law the ideal thing. Where he's at he's struggling with money yet when he's with his love money doesn't matter. They would be happy simply counting stars. He's shedding sleep dreaming of the life he could have.

lighthope on December 23, 2013:

This tune is for this reason deep and meaningful like no other song this year most songs room a bunch of crap that way nothing you have the right to tell they put a many thought into this

Zack Love top top December 20, 2013:

I uncovered this hub an extremely useful because I to be interested in the definition of this song.

me top top December 17, 2013:

I think this songs deserve to mean plenty of things come many world it simply depends on whereby one is in your life.

john on December 12, 2013:

I interpret much more so as a man having actually to decide on either keeping a well paying job and being distanced native his lover. Making it so the only method to find happiness and love gift the suspicion of living a life v a short paying job.

Jodi ~ above November 23, 2013:

I think weather her in young love or addicited to drugs the tune still will aid one feel better about them self. I am a recovering medicine addict. Come me the song is around over coming addiction. And also that you don't need drugs to do you feeling good. Clock the Video. That does not show a guy loving a woman. It mirrors ppl in a room prefer a meeting for recovery. An when they listen the track they feel better start getting up to dance. I recognize it constantly makes me feel far better :-) good song love it

LOVEVOtm ~ above November 07, 2013:

Love this song LOVEVO approved

Kelly top top October 14, 2013:

I think the true definition of counting stars is around this guy who loves a girl however the parental don't provide of them so he's trying to tell her not to treatment that they deserve to do what the feel is right also if it seems wrong.

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in the first line it says lately I've been I've been losing sleep dreaming about the points that we can be, he's trying to say the he can't sleep in ~ night since he's fallen in love with her and also wanting castle to continue to be together. Then line 2 says but baby I've to be I've to be praying difficult said no an ext counting dollars fine be count stars, right here he's tell she he really hopes she'll stay with him and also they won't need to worry around money however have fun.