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"Take her Time" is a song co-written and also recorded by American singer Sam Hunt. It was released to nation radio, by MCA Nashville ~ above November 24, 2014 as the second single native his debut studio album Montevallo (2014). Capitol documents headed the song"s additional promotion come pop and also adult pop radio station in the spring of 2015. The song came to be Hunt"s 2nd consecutive single to reach number one top top the Billboard Hot nation Songs chart in February 2015. The tune was composed by Hunt, Shane McAnally and also Josh Osborne. An ext »

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I don"t understand if you were lookin" in ~ me or notYou most likely smile prefer that every the timeAnd ns don"t mean to stroked nerves you butI couldn"t just walk byAnd not say, "Hi"And I know your name "cause anyone in right here knows her nameYou"re not lookin" because that anything ideal nowSo ns don"t wanna come on strongBut don"t get me wrongYour eyes are so intimidatingMy heart is pounding butIt"s just a conversationNo, girl I"m not wastedYou don"t know meI don"t know youBut I want toAnd ns don"t wanna steal your freedomI don"t wanna adjust your mindI don"t have to make girlfriend love meI simply wanna take your timeI don"t wanna wreck her FridayI ain"t gonna waste mine linesI don"t have to take her heartI simply wanna take your timeAnd I recognize it starts with, "Hello"And the next thing girlfriend knowYou try to be nice and also some guy"s gettin" as well closeTryin" to pick you upTryin" to acquire you drunkAnd I"m sure among your girlfriend is around to come end here"Cause she"s claimed to save you indigenous random guys that talk too muchAnd wanna continue to be too longIt"s the same old songAnd dance but I think you know it wellYou could"ve rolled your eyesTold me to walk to hellCould have actually walked awayBut you"re tho hereAnd I"m quiet hereCome on, let"s check out where the goesI don"t wanna steal her freedomI don"t wanna readjust your mindI don"t need to make friend love meI just wanna take your timeI don"t have to satisfy your motherWe don"t have to cross that lineI don"t wanna steal her coversI just wanna take her timeWhoaI don"t wanna go house with youWhoaI just wanna be alone through youAnd ns don"t wanna steal your freedomI don"t wanna change your mindI don"t have to make friend love meI just wanna take her timeAnd ns don"t wanna blow your phone upI just wanna blow your mindI don"t have to take your heartI simply wanna take her timeNo, i ain"t gotta contact you babyAnd i ain"t gotta speak to you mineI don"t have to take her heartI just wanna take her time, ooh

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Sam hunting Sam Lowry hunt (born December 8, 1984) is an American singer and songwriter. Born in Cedartown, Georgia, Hunt played football in his high school and also college years and once test to seek a experienced sports career before signing with MCA Nashville in 2014.Prior to his effective solo career, hunt was attributed for creating singles for Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Billy Currington, and also Reba McEntire.

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His debut studio album, Montevallo, damaged several chart documents with five singles spawned indigenous the record, consisting of three continually Hot nation Songs chart and four nation Airplay graph number ones. The lead solitary from the album, "Leave the Night On", peaked simultaneously on the Hot country Songs and Country Airplay charts, making hunt the very first country a… more »