The rays rallied, and also rallied, and rallied again together they outlasted the Dodgers in the most amazing game you’ll ever see.

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Hello, light ray fans. Through Tampa Bay under 2-1, Kevin Cash turns to Ryan Yarbrough to try and even this up.

Second Inning

Yarbs is getting soft contact now, and also even do a an excellent over the shoulder grab off a inspect swing.

Bottom of the second. Brandon Lowe rips one come right, whereby Mookie Betts makes a program leaping grab to plunder BLowe of extra bases.

Fifth Inning

It Pleases Peter Fairbanks is on. ~ a 3 pitch K the Betts, Seager singles, then moves increase on a wild pitch. Pete falls behind Turner 3-0...and get him to popular music out.

3-1, not us.

Bottom of the inning, and also just as rapid as you can say Ding Dong Johnson, Hunter .... Wait, that can’t it is in right. (checks notes)


Sixth Inning

It’s Diego time now, and he’s no sharp. Walks two, and also a 2 out twin by Enrique Hernandez.


Bottom if the sixth. Randy singles, and Choi pinch hits and also walks. And this feels prefer the video game right here.

Meadows pinch hits. The yanks a cookie a long means but well foul. Two pitches later, and he Ks.

BLowe up. That goes 2-2 and — five wait. My wife just discovered my cowbell indigenous 2008. Cool! Okay whereby were we?

Its 2-2, and also Brandon crushes one high and also deep and also GONE!

Loup bounces back to strikeout Muncy, and that’s it because that Aaron.

Nick Anderson it s okay the call and also gets a 3 pitch K of will certainly Smith. A complimentary pass to Bellinger is next, and now Joc Pederson is pinch hitting. The rips a liner turn off the gloves of Lowe. Bellinger is thrown out at third but two runs score.

6-5, and also I’m exhausted.

Bottom of the seventh. Z whiffs and also it feel like all the wind has actually gone out of ours WAIT A MINUTE KK take away BAEZ out TO best JDJENDHDJJEHHDLPWMFJ!!!

6-6 game!!!

Eighth Inning

Taylor doubles, yet Hernandez pops up the sac bunt attempt. Mookie grounds out, and Anderson gets to 2-2 versus Seager, who lobs a flare just out the the with of Willy Adames.

Choi functions a four pitch walk, then Meadows and Lowe go down. Graterol comes in, and Adames lobs a solitary to left, Renfroe can’t journey them in.

Ninth Inning

John Curtiss gives a 2 out hit come Pederson, however that’s it. They go to the bottom that the inning and Dave Roberts calls on Kenley Jansen.

Next is Kiermaier, and also KK’s bat explodes together his single falls in short right just out of Hernandez reach.

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Now the Randy, and also the Dodgers room actually going to key to him? Randy works a full count, and also they walk him.

Now it’s up to Brett Phillips. It s okay ahead 1-0, yet then he gets hosed on back to ago calls to walk 1-2. Ns cursing my TV.