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This well known line is native Alice"s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (1865).

Literary estimates are for this reason much an ext likely to come to be famous when they have multiple class of meanings. Well, Lewis Carroll was no hack. The knew what he to be doing. Prepared to go down the rabbit-hole?

In the book, Alice is asked come talk around her adventures, however she insists the it would be of no usage to "go back to yesterday, because was a different person then." top top the surface, this is just her saying the so much has actually happened that she"d rather focus on the here and now, fairly than spend time apartment on the past.

But she"s additionally subtly acknowledging that the occasions of the previous twenty-four hrs have readjusted her significantly. It"s virtually as if her earlier adventures didn"t even happen come her in ~ all, however to some previously prototype the herself—some stranger with comparable fashion sense and also an eerily familiar hairstyle.

And since Carroll isn"t simply telling a children"s story about a girl who has actually adventures, it"s probably safe come assume the he was trying come say miscellaneous here around the means in which all of us flourish older, around our ns of innocence, and so on. The far-ranging events in our lives change us so much that we can barely relate to the people we provided to be before we lived them.

Oof. Us may have to pop our heads back up the end of this rabbit-hole because that a breath that air. It"s getting stuffy in here.

Where you"ve heard it

Oh, we"re certain you"ve heard this heat every time her crazy older brother starts complain again around how he can"t get his time machine to work. If girlfriend ask us, the really need to be committed.

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Pretentious Factor

If you were to fall this quote at a dinner party, would certainly you obtain an in-unison "awww" or would certainly everyone role their eyes and never invite girlfriend back? right here it is, top top a range of 1-10.


Aww… who can ever suspicion sweet tiny Alice of being pretentious? She"s simply telling it favor it is. However, this quote is engaging with deep thoughts, so we can"t quite offer it a "1."