In our latest question and answer, the pharmacist discusses what to perform if girlfriend accidentally take two birth manage pills in one day.

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sam asked

I by chance took 2 pills in one day. I assumed I let go a pill but in fact I walk not and now i am claimed to take my last energetic pill tonight yet I perform not have actually it. What carry out I do?


Taking 2 birth control pills by accident is a relatively common mistake and also is basic to rectify. Once this does happen, be certain to get right back on schedule and take your following pill, the next day, as reserved (even though you are now one day ahead).

When you take an extra birth regulate pill, the is crucial to be aware that you mayexperience side results from the extra sheep of hormones, such as:

NauseaSpottingCorrecting work After Taking two Pills in ~ Once

When friend accidentally take two birth regulate pills in the very same day, you will be one pill "short" in ~ the end of your pack.

The most basic remedy to this situation is to just take a replacement dose from another, or "spare" pack of birth manage pills. However, this isn"t always an alternative as numerous individuals don"t have an extra fill to take a replacement dose from.

You might potentially walk to her pharmacy to check out if your insurance will certainly pay because that an extra fill of birth control pills, but most likely you will need to pay out of pocket together the insurance company may view the fill as "too soon". Additionally, you can reach out to your physician to watch if they have actually "samples" or other recommendations to replace your lacking dose.

If you room unable to take it a instead of pill, you will certainly then be finishing your birth regulate pack one day sooner 보다 usual, and therefore, starting her next fill one day sooner 보다 usual.

When starting your next load after absent the last day of her last pack, it is notrecommended come "miss" your first dose in order to begin your fill on her usual day. This deserve to increase your danger of pregnancy.

However, some people will perform this and if you choose this route, be sure to following directions for "What come Do once You miss Pills" in the parcel insert of your birth manage pill product for missing pills in the first week.

Additional Information

If you can"t take a birth control pill to replace your absent last day, you may experience menses, spotting or bleeding earlier than usual, because you space finishing your pills one day sooner. Her cycle have to return to normal after 1 come 2 cycles of constant birth control pill use.

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Lastly, many sources state that absent your last dose of active pills does notincrease the risk of pregnancy, however this could vary by birth manage pill product. Nevertheless, to it is in on the for sure side, you may want to usage back-up contraception for her placebo week and 7 consecutive job of active pills when you start your load again.