Dan and also Phil, the brothers masterminds that the internet. Everyone and also their cousin"s grandma"s dog"s cat to know them. But.... What about you? Well today we"ll discover out.

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How lot do girlfriend REALLY know your favorite youtube stars? Well, today we"re walking to uncover out right here, appropriate now. How well friend really recognize Dan, and Phil?

Created by: Ace

What is Dan and also Phil"s youtube names? Danisnotonchairs and LionlikePhil AwesomePhil, Danisonfire AmazingPhil, danisnotonfire AmazingPhillp, DanIsNotOnBlazeWhat would have Dan been named if he to be a girl? daniel Mika Christie YaziWhat is Phil"s complete name? Phil Micheal Lester Phillip Micheal Lester Phillip Morgan Lester Phil Morgan LesterAs the September 3rd, 2016, how countless PINOF"s space there? 6 7 8 9What is Phil"s subs called? Lions The Phildom Philions PhilicatsWhat are Dan"s subs called? Llamarmy The Alpacalypse Danasaurs DangonsWhat is their brand-new book called? The amazing book is (still) no on fire The amazing publication is no on fire Dan and also Phil Go external Dan and Phil go to AmericaWhen is Dan and Phil walking to get married? (; 2021 2022 2023 2024Who has actually been uploading for longer? Dan or Phil? Phil obvi Dan obvi, that has an ext subsWhat is the age gap between Dan and Phil? 8 year 6 years 4 year They"re the very same ageDan"s Birthday? June 11th march 14th July 12th may 13thPhil"s Birthday? February 3rd January 1st December 12th January 30th

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Quiz topic: how well perform I know Dan and Phil?

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