A typical question the I get from gamblers is: “Can you success at blackjack without map counting?”.Much to their surprise the prize is yes. Right here you will be able to learn exactly how to pat blackjack and also win without counting cards.

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Here are two ways to success at blackjack without counting cards:

Method 1:Hole Carding. Identifying the what the dealers feet card and also adjusting her strategy. Method 2:Front-Loading. Being able to determine what the next card will be and adjusting her strategy accordingly.

These techniques yield a substantially higher advantage than classic card counting methods, but the profession off is they need a lot more advance work. This contains scouting dealers, analyzing shuffles identify wager thresholds the the casino, as to not draw to much attention from pit bosses.Prior to executing any kind of of these four progressed Blackjack techniques the classic protocol of benefit play quiet holds; mainly, come learn and also execute straightforward Strategy flawlessly and adhere to traditional casino comportment. Now, let’s look at every of these approaches a little more and provide a brief advent to what a great execution the these methods entails. But prior to we do it’s precious noting that each of this methods have been identified to it is in legal by the Nevada State can be fried Court as well as several other jurisdictions roughly the world.



This is the arts of identifying the dealers’ unexposed card. Knowing the dealers under card offers the player an extraordinary benefit over the casino. The revenues earned indigenous hole-carding are so huge and consistent that as soon as the an approach is perfected the player will certainly not want to return to any kind of other benefit gaming technique. When assaulted optimally the hole carding strategy provides the player an advantage of approx 13.5%. Level betting 100 dollar per hand the player can earn one overwhelming 1,350 dollars an hour once playing top up versus the dealers.Finding one exploitable hole Carding game is a tedious task and should be attempted in casino centric cities. This is since dealers room trained generally on just how to hide the feet card. However, after year of repetitive jobs dealers acquire complacent and develop poor habits. Throughout the busy summer seasons hundreds of rookie certified dealer are lugged in to manage the large tourist crowds. That is inescapable that few of the dealers will certainly be prone to hole-carding players. Ken Uston in his book “Million dollar Blackjack” he estimates that 1 in 200 dealers deserve to be exploited. Every prior hole-carder I have conversed v agrees with this assessment. The proportion of scouting time to playing time is about 12 hours of scouting because that every 1 hour that playing. There room scores the casinos in ras Vegas, and with 3 shifts per casino and hundreds the dealers per casino the opportunities are substantial. Any introduction would not be finish without noting strategy deviations compelled when the hole card is known. The charts listed below identify what the football player play will certainly be when the dealers full hole card is known.

Dealers HandHit until (hard hands)Hit until (soft hands)DD handsPair Splitting
Hard 202020--
Hard 191919-9
Hard 181819-2,3,7,8,9*
Hard 171718-2,3,6,7,8
Hard 14,15,1612185,6,7,8,9,10,11A2,A3,A4,A5All Pairs other than 5s
Hard 1312187,8,9,10,11A2-A9All Pairs other than 5s
Hard 1212188,9,10,11A2-A9All Pairs other than 5s
Hard 111518-A
Hard 10161911A*
Hard 9171910,11A,8,9
Hard 8171810,11A,7,8,9
Hard 7171810,11A,2,3,7,8
Hard 612189,10,11A,2,3,6,7,8,9*
Hard 5131810,11,A2-A8A,2,3,6,7,8,9
Hard 4141810,11,A6,A7A,7,8
* shows that the play varies by number of cards have actually the dealer has but can be ignored because that simplicity and the variation go not alter the advantage significantly


Another helpful without map counting an approach is “Front Loading”. Front loading is the most lucrative legal practice in the advantage Players arsenal. Front loading is as soon as the dealer exposes the hole card while pulling the card out of the deck or once in the process of slide the card underneath the height card. As one have the right to surmise a former Loader who deals native a hand held game offers the potential for seeing almost every hand. Together a general dominion front loading is best executed on females dealers, for the reason that women smaller sized hands and have problem grasping a dual deck hand organized game.There is one optimal mathematically derived strategy for front loading yet there is no need cloud your mind through numbers, as soon as it is nice close come “If the next card doesn’t busts girlfriend hit, and if the does than stand”. It it s okay a small more complicated when you litter in double and break-up hands yet for currently the standard identified strategy holds.

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An important aspect of these two plays is that they cannot be enforcement on every single hand the the benefit player plays. Anyone who believes they can is setup themselves up because that failure. Also the most elite skilled player misses about 20-25% that the hands dealt. However this still offers them an overwhelming sheet in genuine money terms, especially when they have a firm master of an easy strategy come base their missed hands on. A healthy edge can come native a 50% precise viewing of the “hole-card” or the “front-loaded card”. Over there are an ext ways to beat blackjack there is no counting however these space the two most dependable that I understand of.Still choose card counting? usage our map Counting Trainer