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How To use Balloon Sticks and Cups

Learn exactly how to use balloon sticks v our easy-to-follow tutorial. They are good little give-aways in ~ a birthday party, shop opened or other promotional event.

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You can additionally buy balloon sticks finish with a base and create beautiful and inexpensive table centerpieces. The balloons are air-filled, no helium required.

How to use Balloon Sticks, Step-by-Step

There space two ways exactly how to tie a balloon to a stick. One technique is to very first tie a regular balloon knot and also then affix the balloon to the stick.

Or - as displayed in my tutorial - you connect the balloon neck straight to the cup holder. Not only does this conserve you one step, it also means that the balloon deserve to be removed and reinflated.

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Blow up the latex balloon, either through your mouth or a balloon pump. Stretch out its neck and also twist it 2 or three times (fig. 1). Insert the neck into one that the slots of the cup (fig. 2). 



Then feeding the neck through the various other slot the the cup holder (fig. 3) and twist it round twice in between the cup and also the balloon (fig. 4).



Finally, insert the neck right into one the the slot again (fig. 5). That"s her balloon sealed and secured (fig. 6).

The video shows the same an approach as defined in mine photos.

Now girlfriend know just how to usage balloon rod to produce inexpensive party favors or advancement give-aways.

What else have the right to you execute with balloon sticks? Let"s find out!

Use Balloon Sticks v Base

Rather 보다 buying just the sticks v the cup holder, you can obtain balloon sticks complete with base.

The collection below because that example consists of 16 sticks (15.7" / 40 centimeter high), cups and also floral shame bases plus a balloon pump. 

TIP: come make sure that the balloon stand doesn"t topple over, ice cream the base to the table, using solid double-sided foam tape.

Add tulle, bows or various other decorative elements, and also you"ve got a gorgeous air-filled centerpiece without spending many money. You can even use them together name card holders, as we walk in this Marabou Balloon Heart design.

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Balloon stand Kit for as much as 7 Balloons

Another option is to usage these clever balloon stand kit which hold up to seven latex balloons. 

That"s exactly how a centerpiece made with balloon sticks with stand might look like!

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