What is a prick plug and also why it is used?This particular type of sex toy is used mostly for urethral sounding.

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A dick plug is gentle inserted into the opened of the urethra to stimulate nerve endings to reach new highs in your sex-related experience.

The exercise of dick stuffing is dubbed urethral play and it is more and more common nowadays for solo pat or along with a partner.

Indeed, clinical fetish requires two parties and the usage of prick plugs to tenderness stretch the urethra and penetrate the penis.

Once you get accustomed with prick plugs, you have the right to go for much longer versions, which are urethral sounds.

Penis plugs matches urethral sounds: recognize the difference

Both used throughout urethral play, however slightly different.

Penis plug users will stay the urethral plug during masturbation, thus providing sensations indigenous the inside out. Part plugs deserve to be solid and some hollow, such together the cum v plug = enabling liquids to pass through.

Urethral sounds are likewise inserted during dick sounding, they space usually longer and also can with the bladder — the many direct means to with the prostate.


Please refer to our collection filter in stimulate to choose the right one for you.

What do urethral sounding v a prick plug feel like?

Using urethral toy will certainly lead you to brand-new highs in your sex-related pleasure and also experiences.

Basically one orgasm indigenous the within while inserting and also masturbating.

Your urethra will become sensitive come every touch together it has actually tons of nerve endings to it is in stimulated.

Everyone is different yet this comment explains the best how sounding feels like:

“ that is choose you’re being touched inside in a way which you will certainly never have experienced before…

…which you can’t experience any type of other means and i m sorry feels completely unnatural but additionally strangely good. It’s prefer you’re emotion a sensation that you SHOULDN’T be able to enjoy yet you do and you can’t aid wanting just a little bit more.”

Source: BigMikeUK

Contrary to popular belief, sounding doesn’t hurt if done properly. You must never force a sound inside, so if you feel pain or resistance, you have to stop and shot a smaller sound.

Here is a video clip explaining urethral sounding:

What penis plug size must I get?

Beginners must go ahead with prick plugs having actually the average diameter of a male urethra- 6 to 8mm.

However, it is no something easy to measure and you will recognize your diameter only once you try by yourself.

For the length, no more than 6” for beginners and go for much more once the urethra is stretched and also capable that accommodating big and lengthy toys.

Can I use a cock plug during sexual intercourse?

It is not recommended together there is a risk of hurting your partner during sexual intercourse.

The prick plug could be rubbed on soft tissues which might reason injuries.

If you decision to usage it together with your partner, we would certainly recommend plugs with glans rings, that method it wont come out throughout intercourse and also wear condoms to tiny frictions.

Can i stimulate the prostate by sounding?

Definitely. Method faster 보다 prostate milking by the earlier door, prostatic urethra will help you reach you this ultimate stimulation.

Please use special urethra sounds produced it — with a bent rod. That is pretty dangerous so you should be experimented user.


How to perform urethral sound safely?

Always go slow, it will take part time to stretch the urethra properly. In order to begin your cock stuffing journey, you will require quality rods (stainless steel or silicone), a unique surgical lube (view article) and take treatment of hygiene and also sterilization.

Start through a toy i m sorry is not also small, neither also big. Just the right size for a stole sounds will depend of her body.

Here space the actions for for sure sounding:

1. Clean her genitals, hands and also penis plug.

2. Use special operation lube come the plug itself and to the rod.

3. Begin with half erect penis, open the urethra by holding your willy in one hand. Start the job by placing the urethra plug at the entrance.

4. Allow the rod go into slowly without forcing it.

5. As soon as the plug or sound stops relocate in, wiggle it a little — to watch if there is still part space.

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6. As soon as this urethral dilator is inserted, you deserve to start relocating it up and also down for an can be fried urethral masturbation.