The listeners were all substantially interested in the lecture. college student who are interested in archaeology I"d it is in interested come learn much more about his background. I"m interested to hear what you have to say. i was an extremely interested to discover that she had once resided in California. ns asked him if he wanted to pat tennis, but he said he wasn"t interested. The arrangement will have to be authorized by all interested parties.

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Recent instances on the web The agency is likewise reviving its complimentary Opera production Tours program for youth periods 8 to 18 who room interested in see the process of producing an opera. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 5 Oct. 2021 Anyone who is interested in the search of truth and also in promoting a healthy and also functioning society has a stake in this debate. — Nikolas Lanum, Fox News, 5 Oct. 2021 Braiman claimed the town is not certain whether a dispensary is interested in moving into the plaza, i m sorry is adjacent to the Edens Expressway. — Daniel I. Dorfman,, 5 Oct. 2021 Marcano"s family members is interested in beginning a foundation focused on transforming the laws around how details employees with accessibility to people"s houses are hired, Washington added. — NBC News, 5 Oct. 2021 Kelly, John, and Ariana are all interested in obtaining her on your teams. — Maggie Fremont,, 5 Oct. 2021 according to the biography, Marcia to be interested in spiritualism and also the occult, and the couple led a reclusive life. — Christen Kelley, USA TODAY, 5 Oct. 2021 that not simply Maltese fanciers who room interested in their breed’s old roots. — New York Times, 4 Oct. 2021 but nobody was interested in a forty-year-old, uninsurable rust bucket anchored in the world hottest dispute zone. — The new Yorker, 4 Oct. 2021

These instance sentences room selected immediately from various online news resources to reflect current usage of words "interested." views expressed in the instances do not stand for the opinion the or the editors.

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