Jackson is one of my friends. At some point I ran right into her girlfriend who was kissing she ex-boyfriend prior to I suddenly shouted the end "OMG! What room you doing?!". Ns don"t know what would occur if i told my friend around it. He might say "You space wrong!". I"m no wrong. Ns wish i was.

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Why do civilization ask "What room you doing" ?

Sometimes civilization are also surprised to take focus off something.

For example, the truth that she"s with my girlfriend so she should not have actually done that.I don"t average to rat her out yet it"s a huge deal to my friend.Everybody would have their eyes really wide when they check out her fooling roughly with she ex. Right?

Moreover, it"s simply how world start a conversation.

In English we break the ice cream by saying "Hey, what are you doing? I"m going to tell you something. Please let me obtain through it. It"s not gonna it is in easy..." blah,blah,blahIn Chinese, you can do the same.

Let"s begin our lesson now on how to speak "what space you doing" right now in situation you think I"m just babbling. It"s time to gain serious - Present consistent Sentences in Chinese

How carry out Chinese to speak "What are you doing?"

"What room you doing" in Chinese is literally translated into "你在做什么".

Suppose that you room wearing your bathrobe and also eating peanut clusters, her room mate asks girlfriend 你nǐ在zài做zuò什shén么me?


How carry out you answer that question?

Sentence structure of Questions

To address that, you need to understand the sentence structure of the Chinese one and respond follow to it.

Sentence structure - answer

Subject + 在zài/正zhèng在zài + 做zuò/干gàn + 什shén么me ?

With that structure in mind, you will come up with many new questioning sentences, including:

你(nǐ)在(zài)做(zuò)什(shén)么(me) ?

Just as mentioned above, once you desire to questioning what others are doing in a particular situation, use this one. An instance can be as soon as your Chinese friends are "fighting" to foot the bill, you may possibly asking "你在做什么?" to display your curiosity.


Similar to the above one. You may hear native teachers say the to student who room making noise in the class. "你在干什么?安静!" is often the teacher"s method of questioning the student to be quiet.

你(nǐ)在(zài)搞(gǎo)什(shén)么(me) ?

It is a lot angrier questioning sentence, commonly came ~ 我的妈呀! to present your surprised or anger.


Girls can not understand why your boyfriends space so obsessed with computer system games. Every time she pissed you off by questioning "你在弄什么" , simply calm down. You decided her due to the fact that she is love of her life.

Variations that "What room you doing" in Chinese

Imagine the your team mates space huddling up before the football begins, you are wondering what the various other team"s setup is. What questions perform you ask? mental what the sentence structure is?



It method "What are they talk about?"

Thinking about what a girl is reading? desire to acquire her phone number? It renders a more powerful statement if you ask because that it youself.



Try come speak Chinese or girlfriend don"t have a shot.

People don"t feeling well as soon as others say "cheater, cheater, compulsive eater" to them since that equates to to "You space cheating" in Chinese literally means:



Please be detailed that there"s no 什么 in this sentence since it"s no a questioning sentence.

Thanksgiving has actually just past, right here is what Chinese people do come celebrate it.


他们在干什么?What are they doing?

Casual means to Ask

No language is official all the time or the sound dull, boring and also too serious. Chinese is no exception.

In our day come day life, the following expressions are typical in a chit-chat with a friend.


The clock is ticking. Permit us move on come the next session.

How come answer "What space you doing" in Chinese

In order to answer those questions, we"d much better figure out the sentence structure.

Sentence Structure- Answer

Subject + 在zài/正zhèng在zài + Verb

Different from present consistent in English, there"s no need to add "ing" after ~ a verb.



Jack: 他tā们men在zài干gàn什shén么me?




Jack: What are they doing?Me: They space celebrating Thanksgiving.


他们在庆祝感恩节。They are celebrating Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving day has went oversea to China and influenced the culture and industry. The pictures shown above is native the Thanksgiving Party 2020 in my language cultivate institution. As you deserve to see, world are so into it and embracing a different culture.

There space other tasks that you might want come express in your day-to-day life. I prepared a list in situation you"d choose to pick some words from time to time.

Daily tasks Vocabulary List

吃饭eatchī fàn/records/吃饭.mp3
工作workgōng zuò/records/工作.mp3
学习learn/studyxué xí/records/学习.mp3
开会have a meetingkāi huì/records/开会.mp3
看电视watch TVkàn diàn shì/records/看电视.mp3
听音乐Listen to Musictīng yīn yuè/records/听音乐.mp3
做运动do excercisezuò yùn dòng/records/做运动.mp3
玩游戏play gameswán yóu xì/records/玩游戏.mp3
上网surf the Internetshàng wǎng/records/上网.mp3
看书read a bookkàn shū/records/看书.mp3
打电话make a call calldǎ diàn huà/records/打电话.mp3
骑自行车ride a bikeqí zì xíng chē/records/骑自行车.mp3
跳舞dancetiào wǔ/records/跳舞.mp3
唱歌singchàng gē/records/唱歌.mp3
做饭cookzuò fàn/records/做饭.mp3
看电影watch a moviekàn diàn yǐng/records/看电影.mp3
洗衣服wash clothesxǐ yī fú/records/洗衣服.mp3
买东西shop/go shoppingmǎi dōng xī/records/买东西.mp3
做作业do homeworkzuò zuo yè/records/做作业.mp3
睡觉sleepshuì jiào/records/睡觉.mp3
Daily activities Vocabulary List

Extension top top "What are you doing?"

The sentence structure of "subject+在+verb" method "I"m doing ...". So exactly how do ns say "I"m law ... In/on/at ..."?

Actually, you deserve to tell her listener where you are doing miscellaneous by the character 在 as well.

Here is the Chinese character strokes exercise sheet:

正 exercise sheet

Related: below is a indict on just how to create the character 在

Sentence Structure

Subject + 在 + location + Verb


This sentence has actually two meanings:

I job-related in the company.I am functioning in the company.

You should tell the exact definition from the context .An example here:

Conversation one: /records/你在哪里上班.mp3

Jack: 你nǐ在zài哪nǎ里lǐ上shàng班bān?


Me: 我在公司上班。


Jack:Where execute you work?

Me: I work-related in the company.

Conversation Two

Jack is make a phonecall.


Jack: 你在干什么?


Me: 我在公司上班。


Jack: What are you doing?

Me:I"m working in the Company.

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Today us took a close look at at just how Chinese say "What space you doing?" , as well as what people are act in a stated location.