If you’re wondering how to eliminate a stick and poke tattoo, we should an initial look in ~ the history. Perhaps the oldest kind of tattooing, stick and also poke tattoos, at this time called hand-poked or machine-free tattoos, have actually been around for centuries. Going back as much as old Egyptian mummies and also the exercise of Tebori in Japan, these hand-done tattoos have actually been reinvigorated through skate and punk subculture in the 1970s, with more and much more people picking up on the trend today.

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Another common place to hear about stick and also poke tattoos is when stating jailhouse tats. If stick and also poke additionally seem to be the go-to an approach for tattooing in jail, this machine-free technique has end up being trendier and also popular among college-age students and also other squid lovers.

However, together we every know, with any trend, over there are often ignored risks and also misinformation bordering them – particularly when it pertains to tattoos.

Let’s take it a quick look at what stick and poke tattoos are and also what the stick and poke removal process looks like.

What are stick and also poke tattoos?

Often described as homemade or DIY tattoos, stick and also poke tattoos space a look at simple way to tattoo there is no a tattoo gun. You dip a needle in ink and then repeatedly insert it into your skin.

MEDermis Laser Clinic supplied laser tattoo removal to get rid of these stick and also poke tattoos indigenous a client’s earlier (first) and another client’s forehead (second).

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it kind of is, but it comes with huge risks. By manually poking the skin, you open up yourself up to infection, allergic reactions, blood-borne disease, cross-contamination, and plenty of various other health concerns that you definitely don’t want to transaction with, especially throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

With that being said, it’s necessary to identify that there is a difference in between sterilizing and also disinfecting. When you get a experienced tattoo done, you can be certain that the devices has been properly sterilized, while at-home methods may just be disinfected.

Now the you have actually some elevator on this tattoo format let’s look in ~ the stick and poke tattoo removal methods.

Do stick and poke tattoos walk away?

Another misconception about stick and also poke tattoos is the they go away end time. The fact is that they will certainly fade an ext than a tattoo done by machine, and they’ll often appear lighter, yet it’s still a tattoo. The ink is going right into your skin, and it won’t just go away – these are not 50-cent momentary tattoos.


Stick and also poke tattoo ink comes in miscellaneous forms, especially since many people shot this in ~ home. We often see troubles with cheap tattoo ink. Just due to the fact that you may have actually done this tattoo at home, it doesn’t mean you can remove it in ~ home.

Yes, stick and poke tattoos have the right to be removed, but as we constantly say, it need to only be excellent by a trained professional. Removed creams, dermabrasion, coconut oil, lemon, and other internet myths will certainly not fade your ink. The only safe and effective way to eliminate your stick and also poke tattoo is through laser removal.

Laser tattoo removal because that stick and also poke tattoos

Just as with every other type of tattoo the end there, over there are specific characteristics the will influence the ease and success of laser tattoo removal of a stick and poke tattoo.

With one laser tattoo remove treatment through MEDermis, the octopus “blow out” approximately this tattoo was cleared up.

For example, larger tattoos are simpler to eliminate than fresh ones, and particular colors are an ext challenging, while ink colors choose black, brown, dark blue, and green room much easier to work with. In addition to age and color, there are some skin and health problems that could impact laser tattoo removal together well. Points like:

darker skin pigmentationpre-existing conditions, choose eczemahealth conditions, like herpes

can all affect the removal process for a stick and also poke tattoo. However, picking an experienced and reputable laser tattoo removed clinic will ensure that you and also your skin are safe.

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Get to escape of your Stick and also Poke Tattoo at MEDermis Laser Clinic

While stick and also poke tattoos are generally tied to historical and cultural practices across many communities, they’re becoming more common in ~ home. If you have a stick and also poke tattoo the you don’t love anymore – we deserve to help!

The MEDermis Laser Clinic team has years of experience and is prepared to answer all of your laser tattoo removed questions. Space you prepared to schedule your cost-free consultation? call MEDermis Laser Clinics today by calling our Austin clinic at 512-637-5277, the mountain Antonio clinic in ~ 210-402-4030, or by filling the end our online contact form.