When I was making by book page wall flowers, I kbrand-new that the book pages were as well flimsy to revolve into flowers. So, I started rebrowsing exactly how to make paper stiffener. I came across, and also tried a number of approaches. Each one returns slightly various outcomes. I came up via this guide for 6 means to make paper stiffener. All of these techniques are straightforward and you can choose which one finest suits the paper craft that you are making!

How perform you make paper stiffener? There are many kind of different ways to stiffen paper for crafting. Depending on just how stiff you need your paper to be for your particular crafting demands, you have the right to make your own stiffener out of glue or cornstarch or purchase a product such as Mod Podge. Each approach of stiffening paper is slightly different and also yields various outcomes in terms of just how stiff the paper becomes at the end of the process. Stiffening paper for crafting is simple and also have the right to assist take your paper crafts to the next level!


6 Ways To Make Paper Stiffener

There are short articles and short articles out there around how to make cloth stiffener, however I had a harder time finding exactly how to make paper more sturdy and stiff for craft tasks. I chose to try out some of the methods for cloth on paper. I tested each among these so that I can compare and comparison the outcomes.

Most of these approaches just call for 1 or 2 ingredients and also come together in simply a few minutes. I also discuss a store-bought paper stiffener as well. Don’t let flimsy paper dissuade you from making your favorite paper craft. These paper stiffeners are so easy and also have the right to cause a beautiful paper craft project!


Reasons To Stiffen Paper

Why is it necessary to stiffen paper for paper crafts? In my endure, some paper is perfectly fine for your crafting demands. When I made paper wall flowers, the ones that I created out of card stock were perfectly fine without any stiffeners. Card stock is made for crafting and also holds up better to manipulation that various other papers. However before, the flowers that I made out of book peras were harder to occupational with. Due to the fact that I was needing to curl and also glue the paper, the pperiods essential something added to make it hold up well to manipulation.

Paper stiffener can additionally help paper crafts to last longer. Flimsy paper without anything included to it can not host up over time. Stiffeners can assist prevent your paper craft from ripping and also tearing or drooping.


6 Methods For Stiffening Paper

Read via the 6 approaches for stiffening paper and also find the one that ideal suits your paper crafting needs. A few of these approaches call for a little of mixing on your component and a few are store-bought. Some give your paper just a small little even more body and some stiffen the paper more heavily. I’m certain tright here is one that’s perfect for what you need.


Hairspray For Stiffening Paper

Materials Needed:Medium to Strong Hold HairsprayPaper

This approach couldn’t be less complicated and also you probably currently have what you need on hand! Just lay out your paper and also give it an excellent coat of hairspray. Let it dry and then flip over the paper to repeat. After the hairspray is dry (it doesn’t take long!) your paper will certainly have a little more hold and body. You can speed up the drying procedure with a hair dryer if you want!

Stiffening Level: Light


Starch For Stiffening Paper

Materials Needed:Liquid Fabric Starch or Spray Fabric StarchPaperCraft Brush

For this technique, all you require is some starch. I supplied some liquid starch that I currently had actually on hand also. Simply gain a paint brush or foam brush and brush a coat of starch on your paper. After it has actually dried, flip it over and repeat the process. If you are utilizing spray starch, just spray your paper, flip it over and also repeat. This strategy results in a relatively light amount of stiffening to the paper, making it a good option for crafts that don’t need the majority of added stiffening power.

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Stiffening Level: Light to Medium


Fabric Stiffener Spray

Materials Needed:Beacon “Stiffen Stuff” Fabric Stiffener SprayPaper

Spray your stiffener spray on your paper and also permit it to dry. Then, flip your pperiods and repeat the procedure. For even more stiffening power, add a few more coats. This is the approach that I supplied for my book web page wall flowers. After trying out the various other techniques, I personally don’t think you must spfinish the extra money on keep bough fabric stiffener spray. The hairspray and towel starch yielded pretty a lot the same results at a portion of the expense.

Stiffening Level: Light to Medium


Cornstarch And Water Method For Stiffening Paper

Materials Needed:Corn StarchWaterBoiling WaterCraft BrushPaper

This technique is the a lot of involved to make, however it still just takes a few minutes. The great point around this homemade paper stiffener is that you probably have everything you require on hand also currently. I uncovered this approach from this blog article from Treasurie for stiffening cloth and also changed it for stiffening paper. Here’s what you have to do:


Mix around a tablespoon of corn starch via 2 tablespoons of cold water. Next, include about 1 cup of water to the mixture and also heat it in a saucepan till it boils. Boil the mixture till it becomes thick, around the consistency of glue. Allow it to cool, then brush the mixture onto your paper.

The cornstarch paper stiffener is a tiny even more reliable in stiffening the paper than the hairspray or store bought technique. If you are needing even more stiffening power and also don’t have actually the other materials on hand, then try this homemade version!

Stiffening Level: Medium


Mod Podge Paper Stiffener

Materials Needed:Mod Podge Craft BrushPaper

If you are an skilled crafter, you are most likely acquainted through Mod Podge. Mod Podge is a lot of well-known for decouweb page projects. It deserve to be supplied to stiffen paper as well. All you should perform is brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on your paper and also let it dry. Flip over your paper and also repeat the process. Mod Podge does take longer to dry than any kind of various other strategy. Also, it leaves a sheen on your paper and affects it’s texture. This strategy has actually the heaviest stiffening power.

Stiffening Level: Heavy


Glue + Water For Stiffening Paper

Materials Needed:GlueWaterCraft BrushPaper

It couldn’t be simpler to stiffen paper via glue and also water. I love this approach because you deserve to control the level of stiffness yourself. If you desire it to yield a heavier stiffening result, usage more glue. For lighter stiffening needs, use much less glue and even more water. I provided about 1 tablepoon of glue and also 2 tablespoons of water. Then, simply mix it up and also brush it on your paper.

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Flip the paper and also repeat on the various other side.

Stiffening Level: Medium

For a good beginner paper craft task, learn how to make wall flowers out of book pages!