Badges play an essential duty in building your player in MyCareer mode. When developing your player, you can gain and upgrade certain qualities that aid you via different instances. These badges aid to upgrade and also accent your playstyle, whether it’s with offering you a broader margin for error, physically giving your player a boost, or ensuring that you win a contest at the rim. However, these badges can be hard to unlock. We wanted to administer you through a quick guide on exactly how you have the right to achieve these hard to unlock rises. So, here’s how to begin unlocking those badges for your MyCareer player.

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Badge Categories
Earning Badges
NBA 2K19 Badges List & Requirements

Badge Categories

To begin, there are a couple of categories of badges. These badges will certainly primarily autumn right into offensive badges and also protective badges. 

Offensive badge categories are:


Defensive badge categories are:

Many kind of of these can be unlocked with the training framework.

Earning Badges

To earn the badges, certain requirements have to be met. These have the right to be simple tasks, from points favor taking a shot in a game, to pulling off hard maneuvers.

With MyCareer mode, these will certainly not come quickly. Each player can just level up badges a specific amount relying on their primary and second skill. You must take into consideration just how you play, and also just how much time you are willing to put into the grind for those badges. For instance, acquiring 8 badges to gold ranking might take greatly even more time than obtaining 11 badges to silver rank because of the experience required.


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NBA 2K19 Badges List & Requirements

Here is the list for all the badges, and also how they are earned. These are listed based on your course of badge.


Defensive Stopper

Lowers the power of any kind of offensive skills that are offered in a defensive match-up. 

How to earn the Defensive Stopper badge

Earned through consistent protective plays, such as "Good Shot Defense" and "Sheight Fastbreak" in teammate ratings.

Pick Dodger

Increases your opportunities and also skill of rolling off of a display by the offense. 

How to earn the Pick Dodger badge

This badge is earned with fighting via a display screen via turbo multiple times.

Charge Card

Allows you to take a charge from an adversary even more successfully. 

How to earn the Charge Card badge

Earned by taking charges repeatedly

Rim Protector

Allows for an improved awareness once roughly the rim on defense. 

How to earn the Rim Protector badge

Earned by constant play.

Chase Down Artist

Speeds up player"s shift from offense to defense. 

How to earn the Chase Down Artist badge

Earned by transitioning quickly to defense and stuffing any kind of quick breaks.


Hustle Rebounder

Increases the aggressiveness of chasing a rebound. 

How to earn the Hustle Rebounder badge

Earned by obtaining 70 offensive and 250 protective rebounds in the time of your career.


Brick Wall

Increases the possibility of an effective screen. 

How to earn the Brick Wall surface badge

Must effectively execute 100 screens in a single seachild.


Give yourself an advantage in dunking once against defenders.

How to earn the Posterizer badge

Earned by making at least 15 contact dunks in one seakid.


Deplete your straight opponent"s energy and also stamina.

How to earn the Bruiser badge

Tbelow is no straight method to acquire this Badge.

One Man Quick Break

Have a far better opportunity of scoring on a quick break.

How to earn the One Man Fast Break badge

Earned by scoring 100 times while on a fast break.

Lob City Finisher

More likely to make an alley-oop. 

How to earn the Lob City badge

Earned by making at leastern 15 lobs, dunks, or layups in a seaboy.

Inside Scorer

Putearlier King

Improves your ability to have even more awareness as soon as rebounding the sphere on offense.

How to earn the Putearlier King badge

Earned by scoring putbacks.

Tear Dropper

Increases accuracy of your running and also floating shots

How to earn the Tear Dropper badge

Earned by making at least 50 floating shots.


Gain the capability to attempt even more acrobatic shots and change up your swarm in the air.

How to earn the Acrobat badge

Must make, in one season, at leastern 15 reverse layups and also 5 change-swarm layups.

Pick and also Roller

Increases your offensive awareness of wright here the roller is when executing the play.

How to earn the Pick and also Roller badge

Must speak to and finish 100 pick-and-rolls throughout a single seachild.

Blog post Spin Technician

Allows you to become more leading in the short article position.

How to earn the Blog post Spin Technician badge

Earned by spinning out or driving out of the post at least 100 times in a single seaboy.

Relentless Finisher

You will not lose energy as much once making a physical hit on a contact swarm or dunk.

How to earn the Relentless Finisher badge

Earned by at leastern attempting 75 contact dunks and/or layups.

Dream-Like Up and also Under

Increases scoring capability while in the article from an up and also under relocate.

How to earn the Dream-Like Up and also Under badge

Must at least attempt 50 up and under shots in a solitary season.


Increases the possibilities of a drop-action being effective in a short article.

How to earn the Drop-Stepper badge

Must attempt to execute at least 30 drop step moves.


Outside Scorer


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Corner Specialist

Increases the accuracy of 3pt shots from the corner position.

How to earn the Corner Specialist badge

Must make at least 25 3pt shots in a single seakid.

Difficult shots

Increases accuracy of tough shots via off dribble percentages.

How to earn the Difficult shots badge

Earned by making at leastern 100-200 pull and hop shots that are disputed in some way or create.

Mid-Range Deadeye

Increases accuracy of medium-selection shots.

How to earn the Mid-Range Deadeye badge

Earned by making at leastern 150-200 shots from inside the paint from the elbow while the shot is being contested.

Deep Range Deadeye

Improves the shot accuracy of Deep Range Shots.

How to earn the Deep Range Deadeye badge

Earned by hitting at leastern 100 deep range shots while you are being contested.

Unlimited Range

Increases deep 3pt percent accuracy.

How to earn the Unlimited Range badge

Make at least 50 long range shots behind the hashmark.

Pick and also Popper

Increases the receiving accuracy of a pick and also pop.

How to earn the Pick and Popper badge

Earned by scoring at least 200 times as the pick and also pop player.


Flashy Passer

Improves the top quality of the passes between receivers.

How to earn the Flashy Passer badge

Must complete 50 flashy passes in a solitary seakid.

Ankle Breaker

Increases the toughness of an ankle breaker when dribbling versus an foe.

How to earn the Ankle Breaker badge

Earned by completing 200 "double relocate bring about a score" moves in a single seaboy.

Pick and Roll Maestro

Increases accuracy of passes and shooting off of the display screen once initiating the pick and roll.

How to earn the Pick and Roll Maestro badge

Earned by calling for at least 150 screens in one seaboy.

Break Starter

Increase the execution price of outlet passes after starting a fast break.

How to earn the Break Starter badge

Earned by successfully gaining a defensive rebound, then throwing a effective outlet pass to a teammate in shift at least 50 times in one seakid.


Player is upgraded to an "Elite Passer", and boosts the possibility of passing to a player in the ideal position to score.

How to earn the Dimer badge

Earned by gaining at least 300 assists in a single season.

Lob City Passer

Improves the capacity to make an alley-oop in any case.

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How to earn the Lob City Passer badge

Earned by attempting at least 50 alley-oops in a single seaboy.

As you deserve to check out, there are fairly a few badges that you have the right to earn. But, it requirements to be well-known that many of the badges deserve to be upgraded into certain tiers, relying on your position. For circumstances, a guard might be able to upgrade their Dimer badge to gold tier if the player grinds enough. So, never stop trying to obtain those badges! is supported by its audience. When you purchasevia links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.Find Out more
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