If you see a Snapcode through a one in the center, that means it have the right to unlock a civilization Lens. You can also share this Lenses v friends so they have the right to use them, too!

Unlocking Lenses

Scan & Unlock a Lens

If you see a Snapcode with a one in the center, scan it! It can have a unique Lens within you have the right to use because that a restricted time.

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To scan and also unlock a Lens indigenous a Snapcode...

Open andpoint her camera at a SnapcodePress and also holdon the Snapcode top top your display screen to scan it

Note:If her Lens has a marker image, as in the Marker and also Marker through Snapcode template, will automatically include your Lens to the perform of possible Lenses that can show up on a ugandan-news.comter’s phone when they scan that photo marker.

Opening a Lens Link

Lenses can also be mutual via URL.

To unlock a Lens native a Lens Link...

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Click the link!If you"re in, you will certainly be motivated to unlock the lensIf you"re on her mobile device, will automatically open and also prompt you to unlock the LensIf you"re top top a non-mobile device, you"ll be taken to a webpage displaying the Snapcode.

Unlock a Lens From her Camera Roll

You can also scan Snapcodes appropriate from her Camera Roll, in instance you aren’t able to allude your camera right at it. This functions for every kinds that Snapcodes!

To scan and also unlock a Snapcode from your Camera Roll…

Tap the profile iconin the top-left to go to your Profile screenTap the settings icon in the height rightTap ‘Snapcodes’Tap"Scan native Camera Roll"Select a picturewith a Snapcode in it!


Unlock a Lens You view in a Snap

If you check out a fun-looking Lens in a friend"s Snap or in other places on, you can be maybe unlock that yourself!

To unlock a Lens from a Snap…

Swipe upon the Snap to check out Context CardsIf yes sir a card with the Lens on it, insanity itto try it out!

Sharing a Lens v a Friend

To share a Lens you’ve unlocked with a friend…

Go to the Camera screen, andtap anywhereto start Lenses

Swipe over to the Lens you desire to share

Tap the ⓘ buttonabove the Lens switch to bring up an ext infoTap ‘Send to Friends’ come share the Lens v friends end Chat!