Pokemon Sun and also Moon are full of cool, new Pokemon for players come find and catch, yet we all know which one anyone wants. Pikachu, the face of the franchise, is accessible in the Alola region, and with a brand-new twist. Alolan Raichu will likely be a significant part that everyone’s team, however to get him you need to uncover a Pikachu. Therefore here’s our overview on whereby to uncover Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and also Moon.

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Actually, that’s a little incorrect. Friend can discover Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and also Moon, however it is far simpler to discover his pre-evolved type of Pichu. You can also do it very early in the game, making that so you can level that up and evolve him early on on. Just click here to see how to evolve Pichu as soon as you discover him, using the actions below.

Pichu, your future-Pikachu, deserve to be found on the very an initial island you start on in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Play with the opening for a while, if you haven’t already. On course 1, right external of Iki Town, the area whereby you chose your starter and had your first battle through Hau, is a job of grass. It’s come the left that the stairs that lead right into the town. Pichu spawn below in relatively decent numbers, so simply keep wandering with the high grass, waiting for one come appear.

As ns said, when you catch Pichu, you simply need to evolve him right into Pikachu utilizing the attach from above. It’s a somewhat lengthy process, however not too difficult, if you understand what you’re doing, so just follow those steps. Ultimately you’ll have your Pikachu, which you have the right to decide if you want to evolve right into Alolan Raichu making use of a Thunder Stone.

That’s that for wherein to discover Pikachu in Pokemon Sun and also Moon. A little unorthodox, sure, but hopefully you find it as simple as various other players. If girlfriend feel prefer your method is much better be certain to share it in the comment below.

- This article was updated on April 17th, 2017

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