Authenticated - Steiner sporting activities Item signed - Baseball Price Guide - $200.-$250. (signed baseball) $100.-$175. (signed photo) Information listed by: ProSportsMemorabilia.com
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This is a Derek Jeter Autograph Sample, signed on a Baseball. This autograph was authenticated through Steiner Sports. A Derek Jeter solitary signed baseball is worth around $200.-$250. A Derek Jeter signed photograph is worth around $100.-$175. larger and more desired photos might sell for more. Worth is based on average prices of freshly closed auctions. Prices might vary based upon condition, and the kind of authenticity the accompanies the signature. Signatures that have not been properly authenticated might sell at fifty percent the market value or less. Include for inscriptions. Collectors will certainly pay an ext for engravings such together "HOF" and pay less for personalized engravings like "Good luck Chuck" Baseballs authenticated by Steiner or MLB v Holograms can sell at a greater price.

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TIP! Don"t Forget to save your Autographs away from a most Light, especially sunlight! even reflected sunlight will certainly take its toll.

The Ideal conditions for display would certainly be indirect lighting, in ~ a room temperature that 65 - 70 degrees, and also 50% humidity. Constantly check her signatures regular for indications of fading or deterioration, and also avoid too much handling.

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Derek Jeter Autograph sample signed ~ above a "Flat" items 8x10 photograph.

Derek Jeter official MLB Autographed Baseball

"Autographed Derek Jeter official MLB Baseball (like they use in all games). This ball comes v the Steiner sporting activities Authenticity hologram on it and also a Steiner sporting activities Credit map stlye Certificate that Authenticity (COA) v their equivalent hologram. Steiner sports has exclusively represented Jeter for all his autograph signings for years! carried to you by The real DEAL Memorabilia, Inc. "

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