We measure mass by weighing, yet Weight and Mass room not really the exact same thing.

These room the most common measurements:

Grams are the smallest, Tonnes room the biggest.

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Let’s take it a few minutes and explore how hefty each of these are.



A paperclip weighs about 1 gram.

Hold one little paperclip in her hand. Go that sweet a lot? No! A gram is an extremely light. The is why you often see points measured in thousands of grams.

Grams are frequently written together g (for short), therefore "300 g" way "300 grams".

A loaf of bread weighs around 700 g (for a nice sized loaf)


Once we have 1,000 grams, we have 1 kilogram.

1 kilogram = 1,000 grams

A dictionary has a massive of around one kilogram.



This gold bar likewise has a massive of 1 kilogram.

Kilograms are good for measuring points that have the right to be lifted by people (sometimes very solid people are required of course!).


Kilograms are often written as kg (that is a "k" for "kilo" and also a "g" for "gram), so "10 kg" means "10 kilograms".

Scales measure up our weight making use of kilograms. One adult weighs about 70 kg. Exactly how much execute you weigh?

But as soon as it pertains to things that room very heavy, we should use the tonne.


Once we have 1,000 kilograms, we will have actually 1 tonne.

1 tonne = 1,000 kilograms


Tonnes (also dubbed Metric Tons) are used to measure things that are very heavy.

Things like cars, van and large cargo boxes space weighed using the tonne.

This auto weighs about 2 tonnes.

Tonnes are frequently written as t (for short), for this reason "5 t" method "5 tonnes".

Final thoughts about measuring weight:

1 kilogram = 1,000 grams

1 tonne = 1,000 kilograms

Weight or Mass?

We have actually used the word "weight" only due to the fact that that is what civilization commonly say.

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But us really must say "Mass". Watch Weight or mass to find out more.

More Examples

A milligram is

one-thousandth the a gramabout the massive of a tiny grain that sandabout the fixed of a serial of salt

A gram is about:

a 4 minutes 1 of a teaspoon of sugara cubic centimeter the water a paperclip a pen cap a thumbtacka pinch the salta item of gumthe load of any kind of US invoice one 5th of a item of file (80 gsm A4 document weighs 4.8 g)0.035274 the an ounce to 6 decimal locations (we need 28.349523 grams to make an ounce)

A kilogram is about:

the mass of a liter bottle of watervery close to 10% more than 2 pounds (within a 4 minutes 1 of a percent)very very close come 2.205 pounds (accurate to 3 decimal places)7 applesa loaf and also a fifty percent of bread about 2 package of soil beef

A tonne is about: