The size of a soccer (soccer) ar is around 100 metres long and also 60 metres wide, but in official gamings there room regulations around the minimum and maximum dimension. In the world football the most official dimensions are those that had been decied by FIFA (The Fédération Internationale de football Association).

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The punish area

The punish area is the bigger crate close to the goal the integrates the score area and the penalty note (it was presented in 1887 and was additionally by D-shaped curve in 1937). The lines that expand into the areas are 16.5 metres and also they have a 40.32 metres street from each other. The penalty note is 11 metres native the score line and also centered on the fields" score line.



A really common field dimension among the top clubs in the human being is 105 × 68 metres (114.8 × 74.4 yds), due to the fact that this is a reference from UEFA. Some famous stadiums and also the dimension of your football fields: Camp Nou: 105 × 68 metres Wembley: 105 × 68 metres Old Trafford: 105 × 68 metres Emirates Stadium: 105 × 68 metres san Siro: 105 × 68 metres Allianz Arena: 105 × 68 metres Maracanã: 105 × 68 metres Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: 105 × 68 metres Stamford Bridge: 103 × 67 metres Anfield: 101 × 68 metres according to the guidelines of UEFA, it have to be an additional 1-3 metres past the touchline to the proclaiming boards.

The grass

The grass length

The common length the the grass ~ above a pitch is 25-30 millimeters. The grass is often reduced from side to side, in every other length, which brings visible stripes ~ above the grass. This is make to aid the assistant referees to spot offsides much easier by giving vertical references.

The grass varieties

Depending that the climate, different turfgrass is needed. In cooler regions grass varieties like ryegrass, meadow-grass and also tall faescue is used. In warmer regions, species such together bermudagrass, zoysia species and seashore paspalum is used.

The drainage

Among the UEFA accuse is considerations because that drainage. To protect against that pitch is filled v water in hefty rain, it should be a sand-dominated source zone listed below the key turf. Underlaying this sand-dominated region is a pipe-drained sub-base.

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The goalpost

Until 1882, the goalposts would absence a crossbar and also goals might be approved when the ball was kicked between the article several metres increase in the air. A period before the crossbar to be introduced, a ribbon about 2.5 meters above the soil were offered as noting the height. The net would certainly be introduced ten years later in England. In the beginning of the 1900s, round and also oval goal write-ups were introduced rather of the vault square variants.