Tofu is the superfood that everyone loves bereason it’s low in calories, low in fat and high in protein. It’s ideal for weight loss and it’s packed complete of healthy nutrients. 


You deserve to cook it in all kinds of means, and it soaks in the spices of the food approximately it to make for a terrific dish. But what is tofu made of and also exactly how healthy is it really?Does it have actually fewer calories than chicken? And is it as great for weight loss as everyone suggests? In this article we answer all these concerns and also discuss the health benefits of tofu.

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What is tofu and what is it made of?

The history of Tofu goes back countless years. In reality, it"s thought to have initially been made by accident in China. Across Asia, it stays a staple food to now.

But what is tofu made out of? Tofu is also known as beancurd, and it"s entirely plant-based. Tofu is made from soybeans which have been turned right into soy milk. Using a coagulation procedure comparable to the one for making cheese, the soy milk is then pressed into solid tofu. Unfavor cheese though, tofu is totally vegan, and thus, it"s become a staple of meat-complimentary diets across the civilization in current years. 

This flexible plant-based meat substitute alters in texture and consistency, depending on the method offered to procedure the last product. 

Tofu is not only vegan and also low in calories, but it’s also low in carbohydrates, it’s gluten-totally free, and also, in our opinion, rather tasty too!


Tofu nutrition facts

Tofu originates from soybeans, beautiful pale Asian beans packed through protein and all nine amino fatty acids! Tofu additionally boasts a range of macro and also micronutrients. 

Many notably, tofu consists of phytoestrogens, yes, estrogen for plants. Studies have actually presented that these estrogens could bind to the oestrogen receptors uncovered in women, which can help lower their hazard of breastern cancer, contrary to a rumor that soy ca rise breastern cancer threat. 

Tright here are also claims that tofu and various other soy assets have the right to aid combat heart condition and also assistance women with menopausage.

Let"s take an extra detailed look at the nutrition of firm tofu. Remember this will readjust relying on the type of tofu you eat, but considering that firm tofu has actually the highest possible calories, this is a great area to start. Eating softer tofu will bring all these numbers dvery own.

Here are a few firm tofu nutrition facts for you, for an average serving dimension of 80g:

Calories 117Fat: 7gCarbohydrates: 2gFiber: 2gProtein: 14gSodium 11 mg

But let"s break these tofu nutrition facts down also further.

Tofu carbs

How many type of carbs in tofu? Generally, in 1/5 of a fill, you"ll just find 2g of carbs, yet it counts on the firmness of the tofu. It also consists of 2g of fiber which is wonderful news for your gut.

The carb content in tofu could impact how frequently you encompass it in your diet if you"re going low carb or keto for weight loss functions.

As we discussed, the complete carb content on your tofu relies on the firmness of the tofu itself.

Tofu is created to have actually a distinctive level of "firmness." While the production process and ingredients fundamentally remajor the very same, the firmness produces a differing carb content in the tofu when finish.


Silken (softest)




Silken tofu nutrition will certainly differ from extra-firm tofu nutrition, so it"s crucial to know exactly how much variation tbelow deserve to be. Extra-firm tofu is even more compact (firmer) than a smovarious other, silkier, silken tofu (which has a a lot softer texture). As an outcome, the firmer the tofu is, the greater the carb content is going to be.

To put this in perspective, a 3.5 ounce serving of silken tofu will certainly have approximately 1.4 grams of carbs (below our average). A 3.5 ounce serving of extra-firm tofu have the right to have 2.3 grams of carbs. It"s a huge percentage rise, so if you"re trying to cut out as many type of carbs as possible in your diet, you"d desire to eat softer tofu quite than firmer tofu.


Tofu calories

As discussed, there are a few various kinds of tofu you could find in your neighborhood superindustry. They all have actually a various variety of nutrients and also calories, so it"s great to know the difference.

Tofu is typically classed as either soft, medium, firm, or added firm. You might uncover locations where soft tofu is dubbed silken tofu as well. The softer your tofu, the more water it has actually. The firmer your tofu, the less water it has. As there"s more water, tbelow would certainly be fewer calories in firm tofu than in added firm tofu, for instance.

Even though there are even more calories in tofu that is extra-firm, tright here would also be more protein and a higher nutrient count too.

Tofu is commonly prepared in large batches and cut up into smaller sized blocks for sale after processing. This is exactly how you"re going to buy your tofu, so you can be wondering how to tell exactly how many type of calories are in a block of tofu?

Here are a few quick calorie facts for a block of medium firmness tofu:

Size of tofu block: 340gCalories per block: 320Servings per tofu block: 4Median serving size per person: 85gCalories per serving: 80

That offers your average tofu block simply one calorie per gram. Don"t forobtain, the much less firm your tofu block is, the fewer calories there will be.

Of course, you have the right to additionally prepare your tofu in a range of delicious means, however remember, the way you prepare tofu deserve to additionally impact the variety of calories it"ll finish up having. The most renowned preparation approaches are frying, steaming, or boiling. The healthiest way to prepare tofu is by steaming or boiling, as this preserves the a lot of nutritional worth.

Frying is a lot less healthy and balanced, and also the oil have the right to double the number of calories you"ll be eating. For that reason, tright here are many kind of more calories in fried tofu than tright here will certainly be in a similar-sized portion of steamed tofu.

Tofu protein

Does tofu have actually protein? When it concerns protein, tofu is your finest friend! It is packed via protein. It"s also a finish protein because it includes all 9 amino acids. This provides it good for vegans, veggies and people who don"t prefer to eat too much meat.

The protein uncovered in tofu keeps you fuller for longer, which indicates you"ll be less likely to gain cravings and overindulge.

To pick the healthiest block of protein goodness, opt for organic, through no included preservatives. Or better yet, make your own! This is the best means to make sure no nasty GMO"s are present and that you"re acquiring the best nutrition out of your tofu. 

Tofu vs chicken

If you"re eating much less meat, one of the greatest difficulties is to make sure you get enough protein into a meal without utilizing meat! We all know the benefits of protein in chicken breast. But how a lot protein does tofu have actually, compared to chicken?For eextremely 100 grams of tofu, you will certainly discover 8 grams of protein. How much protein in chicken? Skinmuch less roast chicken is consisted of about 46% of protein.

Calories, taste, and convenience all play a duty in picking your perfect protein. 

Tofu has end up being a increasing star in the meat substitute people, particularly because it is complete of protein. 3oz of tofu is consisted of of about 18% protein while skinless roast chicken comes in at approximately 46%. But that doesn’t expect it"s any type of less healthy! Tofu and also chicken protein isn’t the just nutritional value to take into consideration. 

Studies present that people often over-consume protein without even realising it. The recommfinished amount for a sedentary person varies in between 46 and 56 grams per day. 

That relies on the kind of meat. When comparing protein in tofu, chicken, and also beef, tofu protein levels loss ideal in the middle! But as soon as it pertains to our compariboy, chicken has 188% even more protein than it’s plant-based equivalent.

If you are in search of various other plant based resources of protein, you’re always going to win via beans, lentils and also other kinds of vegetables.

Is tofu excellent for weight loss?

Okay, so tofu has both a carb and fat content; yet, these worths are still conducive to weight loss. The fat content of tofu is a lot lower than meat equivalents such as chicken or beef, which can be as much as 15 grams per 3.5-ounce servings.

You deserve to still classify tofu as low-carb and also low fat. Substituting meat for tofu have the right to quickly bring about a loss of fat and calories in your diet. Furthermore, tofu"s high protein content enables you to repair muscles after exercise, fairly than having actually them broken down to be used for fuel.

In brief, yes. Tofu is excellent for weight loss.

However, it’s not an excellent concept to eat tofu for breakquick, lunch and dinner, just bereason it’s low in calories. Moderation is vital in any diet. 


Health benefits of tofu

There"s no allude delving deep right into tofu"s nutritional content if you"re not going to prepare it well. You deserve to prepare tofu in many means, and also it complements a surprising number of dishes. 

To keep from including calories and fat, remember to avoid making use of oils that are high in saturated fats. Tofu is normally low in fat, so there"s no factor to include to it!

We likewise don"t imply frying your tofu. Instead, go for boiling, steaming, or also grilling. These are the cooking methods that allow the tofu to keep its high nutritional content.

Just like every various other made product, different tofu brands have actually different values. Nutrition in tofu relies on what it"s made from and what was included to it. 

Besides preservatives, watch out for the spiced and also flavored brands, especially if you are gluten-cost-free, as some flavors use gluten as a filler. No issue what flavor persuasion you prefer, please review the labels and also make certain it"s complete of quality ingredients. 

By carefully considering what goes into your tofu, you"ll reap the wellness benefits of adding this delightful food to your life. 

Aside from the nutritional benefits already explored, tofu contains what are recognized as isoflavones. This is a phytoestrogen which is equivalent to normal hormonal estrogen and is known to remedy particular things like:

Final say: is tofu healthy?

The tofu health benefits are excellent. Slowly incorporate this alternative into your weekly dinners, and also be amazed at the many fabulous flavors it can take on! From flavor to attribute, tofu is a clear winner when it pertains to the eternal debate of tofu and also chicken.

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You really can not beat tofu if you"re searching for a healthy addition to your meals. It"s good for vegetarian and vegan diets, as it"s packed full of protein and as we"ve watched, it really is low in calories.

With the average tofu serving dimension having actually simply 80 calories to its name, it"s excellent for weight loss and diets. Tright here really aren"t as well many kind of various other foodstuffs out tbelow with so few calories, yet such good nutrition. And if we"ve made you hungry, then don"t foracquire, you can prepare tofu in so many means too!