What's many impressive around Child the Light's combat mechanism is how economical the is, and how well whatever holds together. The the game enables players to swap v their entire party mid-battle with no penalty—something it share with just a couple of other turn-based RPGs prefer the wonderful Final Fantasy X—speaks to how much treatment has entered keeping combat balanced, tight, and also flexible. Time and speed end up being paramount—rarely has actually a "haste" spell feel this crucial!—and every test interrupt is a tiny but an energetic gamble.

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There are, that course, things about Child of Light's combat mechanism that don't fairly work—in particular the "oculi" do system, in which you combine and equip gems to bolster your characters' stats. The oculi mechanism is cool in theory yet clunky in practice, mainly because equipped oculi vanish from your main inventory and also make it impossible to tell simply how countless of the crystals you have actually at a offered time. Girlfriend can't study a character's equipped items or equip new crystals while in battle, make it difficult to remember simply who has that water-enhanced weapon girlfriend need. And also the limit of two on-screen personalities at a time frequently feels restrictive, calculation spells like "heal all" and "cure all" much less advantageous than they space in various other turn-based RPGs. Particularly during boss battles, it's tough not to imagine how much more fun this video game could've been had players been given a three-character party.

But those gripes are comparatively young when placed up against what Child of Light walk well. It is an elegantly designed and tightly created game, variety of an easy parts the interlock to type a complicated yet conveniently graspable whole. Once I finished the video game on normal difficulty, i realized the I had actually never as soon as "lost" a battle or viewed a game-over screen. Despite that, my primary memory of Child of Light is the of being continuously challenged, and also rarely feeling overpowered or over-equipped. I'm enamored of any kind of game the is well-designed enough to feel challenging even if the is in truth less complicated than it lets on. (And of course, it offers a stiffer an obstacle on its harder difficulty setting.)


So, Child of Light: Beautiful art and also a wonderful battle system hampered by a ho-hum story through an overly ambitious happiness scheme. Yet that assessment feel reductive. At its best, Child of Light is great, gorgeous fun, and at its worst it is just uninspired. Even then, it remains unusual in so countless welcome methods that i can't help but introduce it.

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Here we have actually the rare video game that not just stars a young mrs (amid a primarily female cast!) yet challenges her without condescending to her or disempowering her. The magical kingdom may be narratively unremarkable, yet it is calculation so sumptuously regarding induce shivers. The morals that the story may be trite—trust her friends, don't it is in a jerk, never ever underestimate redheads—but castle are fundamentally worthy. And also while us may recognize that the great guys will win, your battles stay thrilling nonetheless.

Whatever complaints i have around Child of Light's execution can not overcome just how glad i am the a video game like this exists at all. Child that Light may try too tough to be great and pure, and also it may reach as well greedily toward transcendence. But at least it's trying; at the very least it's reaching.