To it is in clear, dyeing her hair in a salon can take in between two and also four hours. The will constantly depend on the shade you have actually in her hair and what shade you desire to walk to. If girlfriend dye your hair at home, it may take you less time, yet there are an ext risks since of your inexperience and lack that knowledge.

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Do you want to know how long it will certainly take you come dye her hair in a salon?

These species of concerns make me smile. And also I love them.

I love them due to the fact that I can talk about what I like most.

Time, the time we invest in reaching any goal that us propose come ourselves.

Why perform you think the time is a much more philosophical background 보다 a useful one?

Because time no valuable, what you get from time is what counts.

I remember a quote indigenous the book “The little Prince,” whereby the small boy with golden hair told around the time that had specialized to his rose. It was what make the distinction from every the various other roses in the world. That’s why his rose was the many beautiful and also most desired.

With hair, the exact same thing happens.

You must invest time to get the results you want with the shade without losing health.

Tell me the truth, would certainly you quite take one hour come dye her hair and also get burned hair or invest three hours and have your new color look at brilliant?

Invest time or nothing invest time.

That is the question.

how much time it will certainly take for the different shade services at the shop How plenty of hours friend will need if you want to color your hair at home healthily Conclusions: Is it worth it come spend 4 hours at the shop to dye your hair?

At the end of this post, you should say just how much time you will invest right into your hair come be distinct as the climbed from “The tiny Prince.”

How plenty of hours does it take to color your hair in a salon?


Dyeing your hair is a an approach that has various objectives.

You deserve to want to shade your hair for a whole color change, add lightness, or hide her grays.

Each among these missions implies various processing times.

To do it easier, ns will give you an instance that I give my clients.

Sabrina is two decades old.

My goodness, 20 years old is nothing, but it’s a magnificent age to experience every little thing the civilization offers.

In this case, Sabrina spent her two decades experimenting with her hair with various colors every six or seven months.

The an initial time she concerned the hair salon, she lugged Kim Kardashian’s picture with she platinum blonde look.

I knew what to be coming, hours and hours of work, yet Sabrina thought that changing her dark brown look because that platinum blonde to be as basic as painting a rainbow ~ above a item of paper.


And that is the mistake that many human being make.

To completely change her color, if you space going native a an extremely dark shade to a lighter one, girlfriend will must bleach it. Bleaching take away at least an hour and a half between the ready of the materials and the process itself. They are two assets in 2 steps. The first, friend mix v the bleaching mixture, and the second product through the dye. After drying and also seeing exactly how the bleaching finished up, you begin with the second phase that the process: applying the brand-new color.

So, to sum it up, if you desire a complete shade change, you have to bleach her hair before applying the color.

So, from the moment you sit in the chair until your hairstylist asks friend if you favor the results, three or 4 hours will have actually passed.

Does the seem favor a long time?



Don’t readjust your hair color, don’t go from dark brown come ashy blonde because I can assure you the you will shed a lot much more time.

Now, if you desire to cover her gray hair, you will certainly need about an hour and also a fifty percent in the salon, from the moment you sit in the chair until the business is finished.

Because, generally, the hairstylist will certainly dry her hair and brush it, even if it’s other simple.

If girlfriend light your hair, speak to it highlights or Californian Wicks, you should allow yourself about two and also a half hours if you have long hair.


As you have the right to see, the moment in a salon to change your color is a relative matter since it all relies on the type of color service you want.

So, you might be questioning if it would take you less time to carry out the very same color business yourself at home.

Yes, that takes less time, however the results, in most cases, will certainly be really different as soon as it pertains to quality, no issue who girlfriend are, even if it is you call yourself a YouTuber or one influencer.

How much time carry out you need to dye her hair in ~ home?



If i have learned anything indigenous life, it’s that you can’t judge everyone on the very same scale.

I average that you will certainly have an extremely careful and also punctual human being when it pertains to dyeing her hair in ~ home.

But unfortunately, others will carry out it together if they space racing in Formula 1.

They mix the products, press down top top the accelerator, and hope God will assist them obtain to wherein they want to go.

But, believe me, take your time with things because you only have one head of hair unless you space willing to shave your hair and also wait for it to thrive back.


If you desire to color your dark hair to a lighter color, that method lightening her hair more than three tones; you will need to bleach it.

And bleaching her hair is a really delicate chemical process. You may not even get over there in one day, choose in countless cases.

But let’s mean that you desire to color your irradiate brown hair to a light blonde.

because that this, friend Will need forty minutes simply to procedure the hair. To that, girlfriend should include twenty minutes to protect your hair with coconut oil so that you nothing burn it and also another fifteen minutes to prepare the bleaching mixture. When you have breached the hair, you need to prepare the color, taking an additional ten minutes. Finally, use the dye, and also you should wait between forty and fifty minutes.


So, if you decide to bleach her hair come dye that afterward, you will need around two hrs of her time to carry out it in ~ home.

Now, if you only want to dye your gray hairs or refresh her color, you will need around an hour.

Of course, together opposed to what wake up at a salon, you deserve to do other activities while the shade is processing during this time.

You can correct your children’s homework, start preparing a few things because that dinner or theorem the mess approximately the house.


But careful, since many times, people forget to watch the coloring time, and also the hair sick the consequences.

If you want to execute some highlights top top the hair, you will need around an hour and a half.

Highlights take time and also some practice, much more so if you use aluminum silver paper to lock in the color.

As you deserve to see, you can not talk around the color time when it come to transforming your color because it all will rely on what we want to obtain from our shade change.


Because each one of those alters will usage a different an approach and handling time.

This brings united state to the last question.

Is it precious it to spend 4 or 5 hours in the salon for a shade change?

I don’t understand if girlfriend have ever seen the in numerous of the YouTube videos; many of the stars do it clear that they no hairstylists nor human being with studies as soon as it comes to hair techniques.

And that claims something.


The time that you invest in a hair salon will identify the health and wellness of your hair.

Because the coloring techniques involve an limitless amount the factors: the wellness of your hair, porosity, the kind of hair, the quality of the products, and of course, the stylist.

When you go to a salon, the expert will take their time to examine your hair and know the finest products because that coloring.

In your house, no one is walk to perform that. Most world don’t even do a chunk test.

And after that come the tears and also the desperate run to the salon to fix the disaster.

Your time is worth gold, however your hair is too.


That’s why, and also after every one of this, you have the right to decide that you want to be.

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Will you be the small Prince that dedicates extra time to your hair to rotate it into something distinct when you desire to readjust the color?

Or will you be Meteoro, risking the wellness of your hair in ~ every turn?

Tell me your decisión.

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